La Mafia Tommy Bayonet

Tommy Bayonet

La Mafia About Header

The Tommy Bayonet is a powerful repeater bayonet used by La Mafia. It was developed and designed by The Godpistol to enhance his forces' firepower, strength in battle and to make committing crimes easier.

It can fire up to 5 rounds before needing a reload and it can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The weapon has been given to all members of La Mafia and all goons arry it around with them. Only La Mafians may wield this weapon.

La Mafia History Header

The Tommy Bayonet was designed by The Godpistol when the footsoldiers were taking strain from enemies in battle. The weapon was developed for it's quick reloading capability so that the footsoldiers could outgun the enemies with suppressive fire.

La Mafia Appearance Header

It has a long black barrel with pieces of gold ( stolen ) attached to its body. The inside consists of complex mechanics.

La Mafia Statistics

Attack: 84

Barrels: 1

Range: Long Range

Rounds: 5

Special Abilities:

  • Rapid Fire: The gun can shoot 5 bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Rapid Reload: The wielder can reload the gun faster than most weapons.

Special Ammos:

  • Radiant Shot - A bullet that bursts into flame after leaving the gun's barrel.
  • Detecto Shot - A bullet that cannot be detected or traced once lodged in a victim.
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