To Hell and Back was written by Gavin the Texan for the 2013 Winter Contest. Please note this is about the alternate Role-play's UIC/United Islands of the Caribbean.

The Hanging

Jack Daggerstealer, President of the UIC, was all alone in a prison cell. He had been there for a week. A week without food and a pint of water. He was already practically dead, slower than a sloth. Suddenly, a guard opened the cell, and Jack immediately knew what it meant. He was going to be hanged. He was pulled out onto a square and taken up to the noose. He jusy tuned out everything that was said. The guard was starting to pull the lever. Suddenly, a person pushed the guard off and untied Jack. It had to be a Green Mariner, a member of the special forces. He looked up, and unexpectedly looked into the eyes of Matthew Joseph. "Didn't you resign?." Jack asked. "We'll talk about that later, let's go!" They headed straight through a path that led to the harbor. There was a Green Mariner ship, the one belonging to Charlotte Swordhayes, the dumb new Mariner. They started sailing off.

Argument to Cannonball

As the ship sailed away, Jack stared back at the island, thinking about how close he was to getting killed. He suddenly got a bit angry, angry at Matthew for not saving him earlier. "Why couldn't you save me earlier, the hideout was only 40-50 kilometers away." "Well, sir, it takes time to plan." "Time to plan that? Take out the guard, get me out onto the ship. I've been in battles since I was 7, and in the Military since I was 14." They then started arguing for a while. At one point, Jack said "Kid, you haven't experienced the world as I have. Just admit to being wrong." Then, suddenly, a cannonball went straight through Matthew, killing him. To be continued...