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Ghost Titan is a Ghost.

Titan was a member of El Patron's Crew but Titan wanted to have a the weapons and was involved in the mutiny against El Patron. Titan like Foulberto was able to escape but brought on a deadly curse. He's the only ghost ever to be on Tormenta. Pirates fear him because Titan like the rage ghosts have one attack that'll kill a pirate and not knock them out but send you straight to jail. Also he can also be seen on the Diablo, ghost ship because Syth has released him from Tormenta, but he sometimes goes there to kill pirates.


  • Health - 300,000
  • Weapon - Sword or Blunderbuss
  • Attack(Sword) - Titan's Fury - 15000 health points
  • Attack(Blunderbuss) - Scattershot - 30000 health points


  • World Eater Blade- Sword
  • Grand Blunderbuss- Blunderbuss


When(if ever) defeated gives out all types of loots and gives famed items always and sometimes legendary. Easy way to get famed and legendary.


He is found on Tormenta. But beware he appears at the randomest places and will attack with extreme aggression. He's Lv 52 boss. He will even go outside and kill pirates barely going to into Tormenta

Other Info

Myhefusa-1- (55x41) Titan is a(n)/the First Mate of the SS Diablo!

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