• Lord Andrew Mallace
    Lord Andrew Mallace closed this thread because:
    Vote passed. Community vote subsequently passes.
    14:14, June 6, 2020

    I have long held democracy a sacrocant privilege to the people of the Gamers Fanon Wiki ever since I reluctantly took office as your President in September of 2016. It is with great pleasure that I announce the next evolution of that democracy. The people have willed for this bureaucratic board, formed as a ploy of the BNO, to end it's reign of backstopping, slow progress, and nepotism it has had over our wiki for ages.

    Democracy will continue under the new "imperial" wiki move, but admins, rollbacks and all staff members will remain just as important in fulfilling a critical role by keeping our historical wiki clean, accurate, and available for all to see. But no longer shall votes have to go through a diminshed community and laregly other-involved staff. Instead, they'll go through me. So I present this vote as the future of the wiki - the end of bureaucracy, and the beginning of efficiency and eternal happiness. Long live the Supreme Leader!

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