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    18:24, July 30, 2013

    Alright, it's been only a little over 2 months since Garland was promoted to be a temporary administrator of the wiki, caused as a result of inactivity with the other admins. Likewise, it has been a little over one month since Al was promoted for the same purpose. Both promotions were for obvious reasons; they are unbiased, they follow and enforce the rules like they are supposed to, and they are both very experienced with the wiki.

    My reasons for this request for a permanent promotion? Well, here they are:

    1. Like I said above, they are unbiased.
    2. Both enforce the rules.
    3. Both are experienced with the wiki.
    4. They are not afraid to use their admin abilities when it is necessary; dealing with any vandal, harasser, or otherwise malicious user, for example.
    5. Both have extensive knowledge of coding, and light knowledge of MediaWiki.
    6. We have a deficiency of administrators, and these two fit the bill on being good admins.
    7. They show to be very patient; they have waited long and hard for this request, and they haven't lost their cool yet over trolls, harassers, and otherwise malicious users.
    8. Several users seem to be under the delusion that Al, Garland, Blastshot, and G already been permanently promoted; it is quite the contrary! There simply hadn't been the chance to talk to Jack, Law, or Jarod about it.

    For points 1-5, see their contributions for details. For 6-8, see the wiki's activity itself.

    As usual, if this passes on the SSC, we move it to a community vote. Please do not fight or otherwise cause drama here, people. Thank you.

    Support (Al)

    1. Parax.
    2. Captaingoldvane2
    3. Jeremiah Garland

    Oppose (Al)

    Neutral (Al)

    Support (Garland)

    1. Parax.
    2. Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
    3. Captaingoldvane2

    Oppose (Garland)

    Neutral (Garland)

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