Thor's Pride1

Head of the hammer

Thor's Pride2

The shaft of the hammer

Thor's Pride is a war hammer made by Erik Silvurfist. His first model was a forging hammer, which he used to create many weapons. It is unknown where the first model came from, as there is no record of it ever being made. Norse legends say it was given to Erik but Thor himself.

When Erik grew tired of using a measly shaft for such a magical and brilliant hammer head, he remade it. It took him around two years to copy the hammer head, and another to create the shaft.

Erik carried the hammer into battle many times, and could destroy buildings with one good swing.

When Erik died, the hammer was placed in a temple of Thor within a Viking stronghold. The next day, the hammer was gone. There was a rumor Thor himself took it, and gave it to the world nearly half a millennia later.


  • Note: Using this weapon makes you walk slower, similarly to a grenade charge
Rarity/Type Legendary Viking Hammer
Resale Value N/A 1,000,000,000 gold
Attack N/A 179
Earthquake Rank 5 Slam the hammer into the ground and cause an earthquake for area damage!
Dwarven Forge Rank 5 Send strikes of fire at your enemies!
Running Start Rank 5 Run at your enemies, and swing your hammer with extra force, with 50% to finish off your enemy in one hit!
Stroke Rank 5 Bring several quick, hard blows to your enemies, similar to Bladestorm
Use N/A Must have at least one of Silvurfist's Knowledge Idols
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