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The Last Dance Contest

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The Yearly Dance Competition is held yearly.

It is used to decide who will be the next "land lord" or commander ext in the EITC, the Pirate Ranks, and even in the guilds the last dance contest was held October 7, 1721(2010)

It was won by Dog O'Hawk, Pearson Wright(Pirates) and Traitor of the Undead(Navy/Undead) Commissioner Captain Jim Logan came in second in the Pirate Dance contest.

The First Winner ever in the Dance Contest was Victor Creed Logan(who was Pirate King at the Time but is now inactive as he travels a lot) he put his title as Pirate King on the line against the rest of the Pirate Lords.

Another Dance Contest is scheduled to happen at 12:00 PM CST in Tortuga on October 30, 1721(2010)

Announcements are to be made on Thursday and Friday October 28–29, 1721(2010)

The Dance Contest was postponed due to the conflict with the Halloween Ball.

The Dance Contest will instead be held November 13, 1721(2010) in Tortuga to honor Slappy's Death

Victor: None a Draw as both men left the circle Runner Up: Mark "IWILLKILLU" Gunpaine and William Treasurehound


The First Dance Contest of 1744(2011) is to be held the first Saturday in March in Tortuga on Abassa. Cancelled

The First Non-Cancelled contest is to be held October 30, 2011 to celebrate Halloween


  • No Talking
  • You cannot stop dancing
  • There has to be someone with a staff to make the ground all colorful
  • If someone puts something on the line the challengers choose weather or not to put something on the line
  • There has to be a trusty referee
  • The Location has to be voted on a month ahead of schedule
  • You cant leave the Circle


  • No Private Chat
  • No arguing with the Referee
  • No Distracting the competitrors
  • You have to use Dance a Jig
  • No Bribing the referee
  • You cannot put ships or money on the line
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