This is the Last will and Testament of Simon Redskull (aka Tama63)

ToJeremiah Stormwash aka Captain Crimson

  • 200,000 gold
  • A Feather from CABOOST

To Kat Bluebonnet

  • Some Random Painting Named the Mona Lisa which I "borrowed" from John Brealsy 56px-Mona-Lisa-Jack_Sparrow.jpg
  • 199,999 gold

To Bill Plunderbones

  • a new alligator cage (found in the back of my ship)

To Lawrence Daggerpaine

  • My War Frigate the "Midnight Hunter"
  • Secret bloopers I filmed for Potco 4

ToJohn Breasly

  • My War Frigate the "Midnight Serpent"

ToCapt. Robert

  • My War Sloop the "Midnight Ravent"

ToRichard Goldvane

  • My collection of potatoes
  • The Key to the Dead Man's Chest My treasure chest My empty toy box

I am still adding to this

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