• Royal Cutlass- Admiral Henry
  • Royal Ring - Matthew Blastshot
  • EITC Coat- Matthew Blastshot
  • Denmark Royal Crest of honor- Edgar Wildrat
  • pie-Edgar Wildrat
  • House on tortuga abassa- Samuel Redbeard
  • EITC Hat-Ben Mcmorgan
  • Royal Navy Banner-John Warsmithy
  • War Cutlass- Tama63
  • Cane- John Breasly/ King George breasly
  • Green Bow tie shirt- Captain leon
  • Rum Bottle Collection- Bator. Hos/ Jeremiah Stormwash
  • Coat used in Francis Brigade- Francis Bluehawk
  • Captured Spanish Ship of Line - Captain Robert

King Shadow Sail- Bow and Arrow

Matthew O' Malley - position of royal advisor of the prince of denmark(if wants) Also royal ship of line

Everyone gets something!

More to comee.

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