This is the will of Matthew O'malley should anything happen.

Chris Swordbones-My Knight's Royale Ring and Celtic Ring, my WITC Vest, my Admiral Uniform, Ceremonial Sword, my Golden Wok, and my Weapons cache, which I have hidden from the world

John Breasly-My Redback Longcoat, Royale Deo Liguo

Edgar Wildrat-My Fawke Long Sleeve Shirt African Tribal Coat, my nose, and my Mansion in England.

Stpehen-My Strider Tall boots and Piece of Eight.

Erin Swordstealer-The Tea set I got as a gift from India.

Simon Redskull-My Merchant Vest.

Matthew Blastshot-My Staff, and my Mansion in Denmark.

Grace Wildscarlett-My Inheritance gold and title as Lord of the United Kingdom Trading Company, Golden Raven

Kat Bluebonnet-My Mansion on Raven's Cove.

Stardust-My Mansion in France, and lucky longcoat from Jeremiah Stormwash.

Roger McBellows-My Paladin Uniform and French Royal Uniform.

Chris O'malley-My title as Lord Diplomat of England, my United Kingdom Trading Company Uniform, My personal Sword, Sapphire Ring, and Wedding suit

Jason Yelloweagle-My English Top Hat

Francis Chiphawk/Pearson Wright-My Stun Cane, which stuns the user.

NOTE: All items being given away are of the highest and richest quality.

O'malley Memorial Project

After his death, a park will be built on Port Royal in his honor.

Head of Project - King George II

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