The following document is the Last Will and Testimony of His Majesty George II of England. His most prized items shall be divided from his possession upon death, and gifted to the people of which he chooses. Unless specifically stated, all other items, including estate and treasury, are gifted to Prince George III.

Note: Due to the death of Fredrick (Matthew Darkskull) before King George II, he is not included in the will

The Items

George III (Edgar Wildrat)

  • The Crown
  • All titles that go with the Crown of Great Britain
  • Key to the Royal Museum Vault
  • Keys to all my vaults
  • His Majesty's Fleet
  • HMS Augustus

First Sea Lord Matthew Marcus Anthony Faye I

  • Sword of Valor
  • Key to the Royal Museum Vault
  • One-trillion gold pieces
  • HMS Victory

Lord Marshal Samuel Percivil Aberforth Arthur Harrington

If Lord Redbeard pases beforehand, this will be granted to his successor

  • The Lord's Blade
  • HMS York

Admiral Henry Faye II

  • HMS Imperial ~ Admiral Henry
  • Full Command of the 52nd Royal Batallion
  • Two-hundred-thousand gold pieces

Matthew Louis Goldtimbers

  • Feathered hat from Spain
  • Twenty-million gold pieces

William Augustus

  • Depopulor
  • Command of the 21st Royal Firing Squad

Royal Advisor Jeremiah Stormwash

  • Key to Laboratory 16
  • Holy Hand Grenade

King Shadow Sail

  • Diamond-studded Cloak (worth of 10 thousand)
  • Assassin's Pistol

Second Sea Lord Robert Macmonger

  • HMS Empire
  • Two-million gold pieces

Lord Proprietor Robert Owsley

  • All memorabilia from East India Republic
  • First Viceroyal Repeating Rifle model

King Louis

  • 1,000 bottles of His Majesty's finest wine
  • One-million-five-hundred-thousand (1,500,000) gold pieces

Duchess of Anemois

  • Ruby Ring (estimated 16 billion)

King Ferdinand IV (Sir Carlos Clemente)

  • A good punch in the face from Matthew Blastshot and/or Edgar Wildrat
  • A death warrant
  • 1,000 gold

General Lawrence Daggerpaine

  • Geoge II's prized kilt
  • His modified Peace Keeper Blade
  • His modified music box bomb
  • 500,000,000 gold for Daggerpaine Industries

Captain Jim Logan

  • His rough tricorne (one of the original from the old game)
  • A stolen Piece of Eight


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