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Founded by Benjamin Macmorgan, The Wiki Dedication Council was created so users could help fight spam & help the admins making it all easier.

The Wiki Dedication Council proves you don't need a special user right to help the wiki, with members dedicated to help at all costs.

We fight spam, help monitor chat by telling a chat mod or admin if a user misbehaves on chat, help fix pages, and tell admins if a user is being a bad influence.

To join, you may not have had a ban in the last 2 weeks of joining.

There are two branches of the council, The Supervisors, and Members. The Supervisors make sure the Council continues and helps make an impact, while the members help edit, fight spam, report to admins, and report abuse.

Note: Check this page regularly if you're a member, as Missions are targeted goals for the organization and have been decided to be the main focus. After the current Mission is complete, voting for a new selected goal will be decided.

Just because the mission targets something specific doesn't mean you can't help with other things, The Main Mission that is selected is just the primary goal.

The Supervisors

Dedication Founder & Head Supervisor : Benjamin Macmorgan

Deputy Head: Promotion Required

Supervisor: Promotion Required


( list your name if you want to join. Note: You do not need to ask to join, just start fighting spam and report to admins if you see a user being rude)

Benjamin Macmorgan - Dedication Founder & Head Supervisor

Jason Yelloweagle

Jack Pistol

Davy Gunfish

Current Mission

next vote on 8/12/11

-End Wiki Drama-

How to do this? Try and resolve arguments & do not participate in arguments or give "baddies" any chance of arguing.

What do I do if a huge argument starts? If its a page, move the page to your blog and close commenting, After a admin comes to help, move the page out of your blog.

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