The War of Décès was the war between Europe, Pirates and the Rebellion army of Jolly Roger.


The war had it's early starts in 1742, during an attempted Invasion of Jolly Roger on the island of Tortuga, however the Muretos Moon turned red, and the soldiers Roger had summoned to attempt to take the island turned on Roger, killing Roger with a Cursed Blade, and a new leader named Zero took Roger's place and laid waste to Tortuga using his heavy battleships, killing a majority of the city. A year later, the armies of Zero now calling themselves The Hummanity Inssurection attacked London England, and Parris laying waste to each city, causing Pirates, England, and France to all declare war on Zero.

The War

The War, despite the near limitless soldiers at their disposal, The Union(Brethren Courts, England, Spain and France), were being countlessly defeated again and again in battle, causing them to rethink their stragety.A Voodoo Priest came up with the idea of locking their weapons to only their soldiers, in this case, if one of their soldiers died, Zero's army couldn't use their weapons or ships. After putting this plan into action, the tide of the war drasticly changed, when Zero's army could no longer keep up with the advanced weaponry. The war continues to rage with the Union continuing to now pick up small wins.

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