The Mansion

Ishamel Venables and his wife tess zentarsky venables bought a mansion in england that hold over 13 rooms and 12 guests room. So ishamel bought the house in 1744 right after the paradox war was over, he bought the house over 1,000 dollars so he bought his wife in with their dog. So they bought many furniture, table, bed and some maids and bulter in their house.

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Carl- Ishamel Bulter

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one of the maids

The Picture of the Mansion

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The Mansion in england

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A Private room for ishamel and tess there to enjoy together


A Private Library


The Ballroom

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The dining Room


A Office for ishamel to work in


Margeant room when she get older


A Guest room


Ishamel and Tess's Bedroom


Another guest room

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The Living room

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The Hallway

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The living room!

Here some Pictures of the Mansion and the inside of the mansion!. Hope you like them!.


A Private Graveyard for the Venables family outside of the mansion

Art and Portrait

Here some Picture of the Ishamel and the Venables family!

1792 Ralph Earl 1751-1801 Oliver 1745 - 1807 & Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth

Richard Venables and Chelesa Venables

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Ishamel's Great grandfather

Edward Morant and His Son John 1759

Ishamel and his Son Ishamel Jr.

George Clive and his Family with an Indian Maid 1765

Ishamel and tess with their Daughter Marageant and a Worker in the House!

Lady Delme and her Children 1777 80

Tess Zentarsky Venables with Margeant and Ishamel Jr.

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Ishamel venables in his Home Clothes

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Tess zentarsky Venables in her Dress

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