Once there lived a Pirate name Benjamin Squidmorrigan. He was very good friends with Peter Blakley, June, and Gordon Greer. One day at the Old Warehouse.. (Which was now his house because Will Turner moved in with Elizabeth Swann)He got a letter From June saying ...

'Dear Ben. Could you help me pay Peter's taxes from the EITC, because he said he was broke and could not pay them.

P.S. He could get killed if he does not pay them. I could be homeless because i live with him.'

So that gave him good news and bad news.The good news was that he could buy June's old house ,but the bad news was if he does not help one of his best friends would die.So he thought and thought. But then ....... he got an idea. So he went to June's house and said "I got a plan" so he said "My plan is : I go to Tortuga, get put in jail,escape.go to the Trading Co. Office take off his name from the NOT Paid taxes list and he lives."so June replied " What if the plan does not work?" Ben said back "Do you dought me mind mate?" "No." replied June "Well good because theres a plan B." What would that be." said June "The day the taxes are due I come and kill the EITC man" but than June said "Wait Gordon is in trouble too." Ben said 'What happened to him." "He attepted to break out of jail so he has to stay in longer but I have to have him back soon." so he said "That's an easy request." "How." exclaimed June "I can bribe Governer Swann." "Good." said June So when he had both requests he bribed Governer Swann with 10,000 gold and killed the assassain and bought June's house so they lived happily for the rest of their day.