The United Rebel Militia is not a guild. It is a resistance against those who try to control us or take our freedom. One of our major targets is Sir Carlos Clemente. (Pear, Hector Wildhayes, etc.) We wish to restore balance to POTCO for all. The names of members will not be listed for their safety and the safety of the alliance. If you are interested in joining the fight, meet a member at the current meeting spot for more information. The meeting spot, if there is one currently, it is listed below. When you arrive at the meeting spot, you must "think" the current code phrase that is given below. If there are any members of the resistance present, you will be answered in a whisper with the code response. If there is no response, there are no members present and you need to try again later. Thank you for your support.

Current Meeting Spot: Tortuga, Abassa by the shipwright

Current Code Phrase: The sunrise owl sits on its perch, awaiting the answer.

Current Code Response: The midnight owl has heard the call, and is glad to service you.

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