The Tea Team sometimes known as the TTT is a group of EITC members and British nobles who love their tea! Their enemy is the Ridiculously Random Rancid Rotten Red Retro Ranting Rum Raiders.

Lord Beckett - Everthing Stops for Tea!

Lord Beckett - Everthing Stops for Tea!

The Tea Team's theme song.

Captain: Caddius Bane

Member: John Breasly

Member: Jeremiah Garland

Member: Maxamilion

Member: Johnny Goldtimbers

Member: John Warsmythe

Member: Johnny Coaleaston

Member: William Brawlmartin

Member: Jason Blademorgan

Member: Captain Stallion

Make tea not war

General Iroh says: MAKE TEA NOT WAR!

Member: Benjamin Macmorgan

Member: Marc Cannonshot

Member: Captain Josh

Member: Andrew Mallace

Member: Bad Kitty

Member: Princess Emily

Member: Roger Decksteel

Member: Boogie Mango

Member: Kat Bluedog
Tea cat

Member: Samantha Decksteel

Member: Davy Gunfish

Member: The King of Doom

Member: Mullroy

Our userbox: (Use code {{TeaTeam}} )
Teacup This user is a proud member of the Tea Team!

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