The Tales of William Yellowbones: Book 2: Flamebourg.

William agreed ( probably becuase he did NOT want to die ) Triton said some words in the ancient language of Milaki and said." Nall ig da se Malcu!" A whirlpool spun in the ocean.

William replied with,"Cool". Titon laughed. They stepped into the whirlpool and "VOOSH!" gone. William was then standing infront of a HUGE under-sea palace. As they walked in, all bowed and yelled, "ALL HAIL LORD TRITON, AND THE SON,WILLIAM!" William and Triton sat on a throne a guard had prepared for them. Just then, a palace guard ran though, badly hurt and burnt, he said, - cough - "My.... My Lord.... It is----is---- Flambourg". And with that last word, the man died. Triton had a worried look on his face, and so did everyone else. William asked,"Um, who is Flambourg?" With that said, a huge, firey figure, at least 50 feet tall broke though the doors, leaving a giant, un-trimmed gap in the palace. William said," I am guessing that is him?"

Triton nodded with his mouth dropped. he whispered to a guard and said, "I THOUGHT YOU HAD HIM CONTAINED!?!?!?"

The guard said,"Um, we-----we did, he um, broke free?"

BROKE FREE!?!?!" Triton said, "YOU LET THE MOST DANGEROUS.... THING ALIVE BREAK FREE!?!?!?" The guard replied, "Um, yes?" Triton raised his hand and zapped the man fried. William's eyes looked a little like this, "( ) _ ( )". Triton said, "Just for severe causes". William said, "Of course....." Trying to scoot away as far as possible. Flamebourg said with a deep, raspy voice," TRITON! YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT FROM YOU! GIVE IT TO ME, AND I WILL NOT DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!" With that said, he let a huge blast of fire at William, then vanished. Triton said "SON!!!" - cough cough - "Da---- Dad?" Triton said with a tear in his eye, "Yes, son, I am here. Do not worry, you will be OKay". William passed out. When he woke, he heard his father talking about ways to kill Flamebourg. William had heard about the Athame of the Alfather. Do not worry, I will make more stories as soon as I think of them!

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