A legendary sword Robert Mcrobert revived from the King of England. It was discovered by the first crusaders, on the day of the feast of St. John. The Sword initially went to Taranto, Sicily, but eventually was taken into possession of by the King of England. It was kept in royal vaults until 1716, when Robert Mcroberts was awarded it by the King for negotiating the Treaty of Algiers (1716).

Discovery by Crusaders

In 1099, Crusading Armies led by Bohemod of Taranto, reached the outside of Antioch. The Muslims in the city forced the Christian citizens out of the city, so the crusaders would have to feed them as well. Because they were low in supplies, Bohemod decided upon a daring move. He had his soldiers make a gigantic ladder, and in the middle of the night, they raised it against the walls of Antioch. Bohemod asked for a volunteer to climb to wall first. When none volunteered, he leapt onto the ladder himself and began climbing up. The crusaders flooded the walls and opened the gates for the rest of the crusaders and the city of Antioch fell. Soon Turkish reinforcements arrived and besieged Antioch. Bohemod frantically searched for relics to boost morale. In a church, he uncovered, the lance that pierced Christ, The True Cross, and the Sword of St. John.

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