Swiss Trade Routes

Medal 2

Medal Of National Defense In The Caribbean

Medal Of Hope

Medal Of Valor

March Of The Swiss

March Of The Swiss

First Heard In The Royal Ceramony Of The King


Swiss Soldiers Firing On Spanish


Swiss Royal Guard Attacking Pirates

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The King With His Son Gregory And Queen Luckey. As You Can See Greg Is Grounded

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The King (Left) And Johnny Goldtimbers (Right) Taking A Stroll To His Office Talking Of EITC Plans

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Matt,Greg,Luckey,And Juliet

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| The Guilds For Switzerland | |- |Swiss Royals - Main Guild - GM: King Alexander Ivan The IIII | |- |The Rebel Navy - Secondary Guild - GM: Field Marshall George Agustis Bones | |} The Swiss Empire Is A Somewhat laid back empire with the means of no war. It is lead by King Matthew Alexander Ivan The III. He is also cheif ambassodor for the New Spartan Empire. The Swiss Empire is in a strong alliances with the following countries, Russia, New Sparta, And Sweden. They do not wish to interfer with "Dumb English Wars". Though if england was to attack the allies would unite and take them down with spain. After many decades of staying in europe the swiss decided to expand there great empire to the Caribbean. The King choose to acompany them.The king has a royal palace in battama port royal. He is looking for military commanders as we speak.(THE SWISS EMPIRE WAS A CONFEDERATE STATE, AT THE TIME THE SWISS EMPIRE IS SLOWLY TAKING BACK ITS EMPIRE TURNING IT INTO A UNITIFIED EMPIRE SO STOP COMMENTING ON MY EMPIRE... NOW! I'M SAYING THIS TO YOU MALLACE) Sincerly, King Matt The IIII

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