Hello this is Marc Lockshout my story from beginning to the present. At the beginning i was born by my mother and father, but I never knew my mother and my father was Hector Raidgrin. I have been on many adventures with pears but i quit that business learning the evils by him. My father also loved lamps and ate them a lot. My sister loved cookies, but died later of a sickness I don't know about. One of my uncles is the leader of the EITC also known as Samuel Redbeard. My family relates to jolly roger way back then, but I have many crazy things like having vampire Spanish and undead blood. My love of my life I have known since day one, but I think she may be the one.

Now to my crazy stories from boring to exciting.

My first story is when I caught a giant fish! That fish was the best I ever had. There's one thing I hated though. The fish ate me!!!!!! I later got my knife out and cut myself out of its body. My second story is the battle with the EITC. They were so mean to me that they tied me up on a tree but I got out. My third story is meeting the love of my life. She was the most beautiful women in the world, her hair glistened, and her name was Samantha Goldshot. We went on crazy adventures like being stuck on Rumrunner's island. She later got married, but divorced Her husband Roger Decksteel.

Now on to my amazing talents.

One of my amazing talents is flying. Flying is so amazing with the wind in your hair, the birds in the air, and the beautiful sights. My other talent is the violin. On my next date with Sam I plan on playing it to her. I really hope she likes while i also give her a fancy dinner all on me. Another talent is with the sword I can kill anything alone except for Jolly Roger, the Kraken, and Davy Jones.

For my last thing I'm gonna say one thing people. TRY TO FIND MY FATHER HECTOR RAIDGRIN

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