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The Society of Magic is a group of wizards and witches who teach each other the new spells or moves they've learned and try to teach humans too. They also make sure the wizards and witches don't reveal to much magic to the human realm. Anyone can join as long as you aren't part of the Darkness, but of the Light.

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Sourcerer of Magic

The Sourcerer of magic has all of the possible powers a regular wizard/witch can have plus a lot of attacks a regular wizard/witch can't have. Only one person in the WHOLE magic Realm has it. Her name is Midnight. Kate is Midnight's twin and works along side Midnight keeping everyone safe with magic by healing people when needed and defeating dangerous enemies for low level wizards. The Light is Kate's and Midnight's brother. Together they are very powerful.


Midnight in magic mode


Types of Magic

Light Magic: Light Magic is magic we use from The Light. It's used for most of the potions and spells we do. The only attack we use from The Light is our ray attack. We shoot light ray's at our enemy and it is a near instant death attack. We rarely use it because it takes away a lot of our energy. Dark Magic: Dark Magic is rarely used around town in the magic realm. It's used for battle grounds and defeating ' bad' wizards/witches.

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