The Light is a interdimention that is followed by some members of the Gen. Of Peace Guild. However, anyone is welcome to join!

The Light

you must see the light

The light 2

The Physical body and manefestaion of the Light of Destruction

The Light is unknown to what it really is. Some think of it as an idea. Others, a being. No matter what it is, it has a following. But, there's also the Dark, which is the opposite of The Light. Some follow the Dark also. The Light grants immense powers to its followers but some people have known to go insane with power or just plain "flip out."
The sword of The LIght

The Light's Personal Sword wielded by Bill Plunderbones Tew.

The Light has many followers and has many powerful consequences for leaving. When someone joins

the offical seal (updated)

The Light
they are binded by The Contract of the Members of The Light. This contract clearly stated (artice 9 section k) that all traitors to The Light will be removed of their abilty to maintain sanity within their human soul, this means that the said
Light blde

The second official sword weilded by Bill Plunderbones

traitor will go insane but live until The Dark dominates This Earth and all others. The Human Bodyment of The Light is a physical energy being spirit who dwells in Bill plunderbones and can create a physical body also. It is a rarely used body used by The Light to give orders to its followers. When you have seen the light THE Light if it chooses to can bestow upon you some of its powers these include :

The Light of Destruction being formed!

  • Levitation
  • Enlightment of most things
  • You can shoot light Rays
  • Materialization- Being able to create whatever you want with a thought.
  • You can control the light's essece, empowering objects with abilites and using it to destroy, to strike(Albeit to a lower level than the light's host)
  • If the light chooses you, it will make a beacon of sky light energy directing you toward your quest!
The lights ship

The Light's ship The White Chariot

Followers of the Light

You can join the Society of the Light by writting in the comments below and using the userbox. Here are a list of members. Please ask in the comments below to join The Light first, in case on some very very very very rare occasions you may have to take Trial By Light first to understand The Light.

Quote : You Must See The Light ....... The Spirit of the Light

Coollogo com-193281684

The Light's Signature

There is one rule you always must know...


Leviathan 6

The Most powerful weapon of TSOL


XLIGHT is a safe everlasting energy source that powers and is studied at Daggerpaine Industries (Mainly the XLIGHT Reactor, Generator, Converter, Bulbs and power to City Of Fire, City Of Water also the G.P.R.T.)

Society of The Light

The Society of Light is the technical name

Ghidrah 3.1

of the members of the seeers of the light.

(Note:This is technicaly NOT a guild! )


To Join you either ask or you will be aksed a common question you will recveive is

You are either of The Light or The Darkness - Make your choice The Spirit of the Light

The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade is a eite group of followers of The Light they act as taskforce of The Light
SOL - brigde 3

the offical banner


  • Bill Plunderbones/Tew
  • Jay Brightsun
  • David Light

To see more, click here


The Society's Banner/Flag


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  • Lawless
  • Kat
  • Jack Warskull
  • Jay Brightsun
Unknown-2 William Crossbow IV (Gold Craver) Unknown-2

The Sanctuary Of Light

 The Sanctuary of the Light is the home base of the TSOL(The Society Of Light) members, in and out of Gen. of Peace. It is a place to study light in nature, to go to in times of darkness and despair as a safe haven, and to gather and practice the light powers. It has a secret fortress somewhere around the temple that leads to a military fortress that can be used in the utmost of the worst of sitiuations, andit has a secret escapre route into the realm. It is in the sacred place of Tortuga, Cortevos. It is still being built, but most of it is done. It is next to The secret underground city, City Of Water

The Light Sanctuary

Location : Tortuga Wildwoods, Cortevos

Sky Observatory: On top of cabin

Nature Study area: Scorpion Nest

Main Temple Facility:Cabin

Common Green: Water foutain and surrounding area(Not Cabin)

Shield Periameter:From the Bridge to the end of the Nature Area

Fortress: - Classified -

Guards Include: Undead Pirates and Bandits,(Turned good by The Light) Scorpions trained to protect(Not the ones in nest) and Cadets.

Powered by a HydroLight Generator

Protected by a XLIGHT shield creator

Protected By a D.R.S


There is a Realm entrance by the shield. Be wary not to journey far into it. You may get sucked in!

Creature Members

  • Emrald the Light Pig - the pig on the left side of the pigpen on cuba cortevos. - property of Esmerelda
  • The Great Caboost the Chicken of Light
    • Bob One of the Light alligators
    • The Great Caboost under the protection of the TSOL
    • Emrald the pig is Under the protection of the light
  • Bob The Light Alligators - all of the alligators of Cuba Cortevos- property of Bill Plunderbones/Tew
  • The Great Leviathan
  • King Ghidorah
    Ghidrah 4

    The Newest monster/weapon of TSOL and DI


SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 The Society Of Light is a member of The Society of The Light!

The Official Stamp of The Society of Light


(not to be confused with code: thelight)

Ceremonial Dress Robes

The Ceremonial Dress Robes are robes used for The Light ceremonies.

To show your status to The Light you at least have to wear anything of White, Light Blue, Turquoise, Light yellow, gold,silver, light grey any of these colors or light versions of the primary colors

The Light Robes

This is what your Clothes Stash should look like

The name of the clothes is as follows

  1. Travelers Ostrich Hat (Tortuga Clothing Quest)
  2. Tourist Long Coat (find in loot drop)
  3. Sack Vest (buy or find in loot drop)
  4. Light Grey, White Reinforced Tank (buy or find in loot drop)
  5. Box Belt (buy or find in loot drop)
  6. Any of the colors above tight pants
  7. Anyblack or white shows that go up to the pants
  8. Jewelry/Rings: anything white,silver
  9. Tattoos: if you can find something white, or anything holiday sporting


No meetings yet.

When a meeting is to be called it will be put up as a blog ---- The Spirit of the Light

The Growing Darkness

The long dormant darkness has begun to make itself known.

To see more go to Light vs Dark. Stay ever vigilant fellow seers! The Light will guide us!

The Balance

To see more on this ..... The Balance of Light/Dark

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