The San Gensoku is the Samurai EITC Of Japan, they have three ideals, Honor, Commerce, And Doing Whats Right For Japan. Despite having no real ties with any of Japan's Government Officials. It is newly formed by Gin Ichimaru (Silver Swordspear) who had to take an English name for the rest of the world.

The Samurai of Japan

The Samurai of Japan


No Nations have been accepted or invited into the Syndicate's Trading Agreements yet.


The Syndicate's main goal is to become the world's largest trading center, which would make it the World's Richest Nation. Nations it would like to trade with are Britain, France, Spain, China, The Ottoman Empire, and other Eastern Nations. It does have many hidden goals know to the inner workings of the Syndicate only, Gin has declassified three he finds unimportant.

One- Use of Voodoo to an extreme level.

Two- Building of large Warships.

Three- Mapmaking and Treasure Hunting items.

Gin says those three are somehow linked.

Sailor Ranks






Political Ranking

Of course as a trading syndicate Gin has many Merchants, Navigators, Salesmen, Traders, Negotiators, and Tradesmen for many reasons, Gin deals with important meetings by sending Negotiators, men and women almost as clever as Gin himself, but for extremely important meetings there's always Gin's one and only Secretary to pull his ear and literally.

Old Shogunate Remnants

Gin knows the only way to get your way in the world is by force. As a result of him learning this he hired many Samurai Clans as well as the most famous assassins in Japan; the great Assasin's Of The Iga Mountains. Gin has accepted the destroyed Shogunate and turned them into his Army due to the purpose of most Samurai being lost so Gin has promised the Shogunate to give them back there rightful place if the time ever comes when Japan's Throne is open.. "Foreshadowing. It happens." -Gin Ichimaru

Samurai Rankings Shinobi Rankings


Ashigaru Samurai Asashin
Gochō Shukun
Yakuin Tatsujin
Kojō Kirā
Ni Jō Dairi
Taicho Chiteki Yakuin
Shinsengumi Itanjinmon Dairi
Ōritsu Samurai (Royal Warriors) Kanshinin
The Next Shōgun- Iga Head


The San Gensoku Ships have reached the Caribbean and Gin is beginning to recruit.

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