The Sacred Sword of Hernando Cortez


The Sword was originally made by the Aztecs for Cortez along with a Dagger and the 882 identical pieces of Aztec gold. The chest was hidden in The Isla de Muerta but the sword and dagger were lost over time. The Sword and dagger were made of pure gold and cursed along with chest but its wielder turned into a ghost instead of a skeleton. When the sword was originally made, Cortez ruled with its already immense power placed in it by the makers (by his request). The sword already could freeze, electricute, and burn the users enemy when needed. This Sacred sword was unknown until Jack Sparrow uncovered it in Hernando Cortez's secret cache on a hidden island. Jack was purplexed with the immense power but gave it to Tia Dalma, knowing the terrible consequences..... Sadly the Dagger with all of its might, was never uncovered until recently by General William Scurvyrat IV who is currently in possesion on this most sacred and powerful of daggers.


With the gold, Dagger, and Sword Hernando Cortez was invincible until the terrible curse was placed by the hethan gods.... after He realized the terrible price, Hernando hid the gold away but the sword was kept with him until his ship was sunk during a hurricane. The dagger was supposidly given to his son though nobody can confirm he ever had one. Another theory is that he hid it away with much of his plunder on a hidden island that was unknown excpet to him. If the dagger managed to get into the posession of Lord Cutler Beckett and His Army of Dark Assassins the Caribbean and all the Pirates, mutineers, and thiefs would be doomed. Thankfully all lays hidden along with the many mystery's the Caribbean has to offer. But heed this warning, If you should touch that dagger, the consequences would be far worse then taking gold from Cortez himself! If you dare take the dagger fro my possession you all shall die!


  • One of two chests made, one made for the cursed Aztec Gold, and one for the dagger.
  • One of 882 identical pieces of cursed aztec gold.
  • The curse dagger, later uncovered by William Scurvyrat IV.
  • The sword of Cortez that was uncovered by Jack Sparrow.
  • Jack Sparrow being hunted by Cortez after finding his sword.
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