The Royal Guard is a group of the finest military forces of England. These troops can be hired by any English men and women. They serve as: Bodyguards, Entourages, Guard, Assassins and even Accountants! All for the low price of 2,000 gold a day!

The Guard(s)

Head Royal Guard:Edgar Wildrat

Vice General:Johnny Coaleaston

Head Advisor:Matthew O'malley

Head of Assassin Guard: Jack Pistol

Head of Military Training Exercises:Open

Head of Bodyguard Branch:Open

Head Accountant:Open (not for long)


Port royale


The Head Royal Guard's private office.

Photos of Members


Hat:Adventure Ostrich Hat

Coat:Evening Jacket/Club Coat


Shirt:Valentines Shirt/Any red shirt

Belt:Any (black red or yellow if possible)

Pants:Any black or red pants

Shoes:Any black or red shoes


Join today

Just message Edgar Wildrat here or ask in the comments!

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