The Resistance is FIGHTING The Paradox

Today, July 10, 1744 Several men where in the port royal grave yard. They all think Pearson Wright Francis Chiphawk is going power crazy... They do not support the idea of a game controled by them. The leaders are

1st In Command, Halle

2nd In Command, Poeman

3rd In Command, Needed

4th In Command, John Macbatten

Head General/Head Of PvP: Poeman

Head Admiral/Head Of SvS: John Macbatten


Write your name here if you support, and your GM's name

  • Sweden Empire ~ GM: John Macbatten
  • Haters Forever ~ GM: Halle
  • Palladin Empire ~ GM: Roger Mcbellows
  • The Black Palladins ~ GM: Matthew O'Malley


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