"The epitome of the god's folly was their ancient belief that Posla was the center of all the realms. Had they been here today, I would say they would be disappointed to know Posla is merely a corner in the structure of the realms."

History of the Realms

Long ago the gods' discovered the existence of multiple universes. Each containing billions upon billions of planets and stars. Yet each also only containing one planet that could sustain life. Among these universes' life sustaining planets, only a handful were found that actually contained life. Invigorated by their discoveries of other life, they began to search for more. In the end, they never found more than three universes with inhabited planets: Glanap, Joran, and Porle. The gods began to call these planets and their respective universes, "realms". Since their definition of a universe was two universes, identical in everything except for decisions that had been made. Something they never seemed to find.

When not just viewing, but travel was finally accomplished between the realms, some of the gods visited Porle. When an accident there caused them to destroy an entire town, their powers were revealed. They were revered by the witnesses and surviving peoples, and for the first time were called gods. When they returned to Posla and told of what happened, everyone slowly began to see and call themselves gods. All the gods began to regularly travel between the realms. Each wanting to see for themselves how other species lived. After a millennia of this traveling, and the gods egos becoming almost too much to bear, they realized something.

They realized that the lesser beings of the other realms lived as long as they did, and in some cases even longer. This disturbed the gods so much, that they called upon the oldest of all the gods, one who could control time, to help solve this problem. Soon enough he was able to pull Posla just a little out of time. Enough so that everyone in Posla was able to live much longer than before. Except for himself. He had used so much of his power to pull Posla as far as he did out of time, that he had none left to keep himself young and alive. In the wake of his death, a group of gods was formed called the Time Keepers. Whose sworn oath was to protect and archive the time of all the realms.

The Time Keepers began to keep other gods in check from intentionally ruining the lives of anyone in the realms. This began to affect most of the gods, making them realize that with their longer lives, they should be helping the realms instead of having their own fun. Those displeased with these events instead went to Porle together. What ensued haunted the gods until their demise.

Map of the Realms


Top Left: Joran. Top Right: Glanap. Bottom Left: Porle. Bottom Right: Posla. All realms are represented here in their correct positions by their inhabited planets. Excluding all uninhabited realms.

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