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<gallery type="slider">
<gallery type="slider">
leaveing.png|Ready to setsail! 18/74 - 26/74
leaveing.png|Ready to setsail! |linktext=18/74 - 26/74

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Cannonshot logo

The Cannonshot Cruise Ship

About the Cannonshot

The Cannonshot is one of the largest and fastest man made wooden ships in the world. For speed the masts have over 300 knots and for the steam engine has 500 knots. It has many security cannons to insure the ship is safe from pirates. Sorry but we cannot tell you how many cannons we have aboard the Cannonshot.

Designer of the Ship
Captain None
First Mate
Head chef Davy Badbones - King of Colors
Master of arms
First Class officer Open
Second Class officer

Second High Lord Andrew Mallace

Third Class officer Open
Officer Open


First Class Bedrooms

Royal Staircase.

Welcome to the royal staircase. This is the place to be seen if you want to be a true nobelmen. This is were high society of Europeans and Americans will be most likely to be hanging out. The Royalstair case has a one of a kind dome to make you look like you really belong here. When you are in the royalstair case you will see 3 Decks when you look up and down. Theres an A deck, B deck, C deck, D deck and E deck.

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