The Port Royal Sphere Theatre was founded by Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan. During one of his trips to the caribbean he noticed many of the townsfol had no sense of culture or art. He noticed a lot of people were creating plays but had no proper company to host it, So thus the Port Royal Sphere Theatre was created!


Owner: Benjamin Macmorgan

Head of Plays: open

Head of Catering: open

Head of Security: open

If your play is performed at the Port Royal Sphere Theatre then you will need to do the following:

1) Go to the Request page ( Link )

2) Have at least 2 posters so the Port Royal Sphere Theatre can post it to advertise your play

3) Have a full cast

4) Lines/movement must be all ready before presented

5) The Port Royal Sphere Theatre will only advertise your play, give you space to perform it, and professionally record/edit it.

PLAY LIST ( list of approved plays and their date of performance )

ADVERTISEMENT BULLETIN ( the play that is currently first on the list will have its posters/advertisement here )

Contact List

To request your play performed please do so in a resume just like the following:

1) Name of play

2) Suspected date of performance

3) Number of cast

4) other information

- Your play will either be approved/declined. If it is approved it will be added to the list of plays. The play that is on top of the list will be the play that is advertised, after that play is finished a video of it will be added to the archives and the next play will be in the spotlight.

To request your play please go to This Page - be sure to use your signature, if a signature is not used then the play will not be approved or declined.

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