The Paratex Pulse Rifle is the first semi automatic plasma rifle in the world. Invented by Edgar Wildrat, this is the single strongest gun on earth. While other forms of weaponry such as muskets and blunderbuss's shoot 1-3 shots in a clip The Paratex Pulse Rifle creates ammunation from heat particles. Each clip is a battery powered consul that carries over 40,000 rounds. The size of a battery consul ranges up to the size of a loaf of bread. The blueprints of The Paratex Pulse Rifle are stored within Edgar Wildrat's brain. There is only one in existance

The rifle

Power Settings

The Parate Pulse Rifle has 5 settings. Each ranging in strength of bullet. The higher the setting the more powerful the round. The settings are:Singe, Knock down, Stun, Kill, Eliminate. Each setting can be easliy accessed by flipping a switch on the side of the rifle.


The "Singe" setting is the weakest on the pulse rifle. It is only strong enough to feel like a punch to the reciever.

Knock down

The "Knock down" setting is the second weakest of the pulse rifle. It is strong enough to burn through clothes and knock the reciever breathless.


Stun is the third setting on The Paratex Pulse Rifle. This setting has the capability to stun a person and easily burn through solid rock


Kill is one of the more powerful rifle settings. It can easily kill a human being and can cut clean through solid marble.


Eliminate setting is the strongest on the pulse rifle. It's immense power consumes the heat of 1/8 of the Paratex Pulse Rifle. This setting is strong enough to implode The Governors Mansion.

This rifle was created by Edgar Wildrat. It is currently in warehouses of Macmorgan Core.

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