It is over, EITC and The Spain Society have made peace. Lord Jeremiah Garland had talked with the great Pvp Legend Hippie and now there is PEACE all around. There will be no more fights unless war is called again. Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard, King John Breasly, Lord Johnny Goldtimbers will be proud to hear this news. The Paradox should be happy but, are still devastated that Sir Carlos Clemente is dead. There have been so many SvS, and PvP, and both sides have lost a lot. There have been a lot of spies, and traitors also. It was a brutal and LONG War, and now is OVER. So many deaths also, the most MAIN brutal death was Billy Hullbatten. This was has been named as the most Ddngerous war in history!

Were you part of this?

Please No Sigs~

  1. Lord Maxamillion ~ EITC
  2. Commander Roger Decksteel ~ EITC
  3. Ned Whalebreaker ~ EITC
  4. Marc Cannonshot ~ American Domain
  5. Lord John Warsmythe ~ EITC
  6. Jim Logan ~ Pirate King of The Brethren Court Conclave and member of Roleplay:The EITC/Navy-Pirate Alliance.
  7. Edgar Wildrat ~ Prince of England
  8. Jack Goldwrecker ~ EITC (And Marines)
  9. Hermit ~ Mercenary
  10. Nate Crestbreaker ~ EITC
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