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The Palace At Citadel was created by Bator.hos.

Location: Kingshead (None Of It)

Server: (Amberassa)

The Palce At Citadel, aldso nown as the Fortres Of Citadel, The Citadel Monk, The Bla Of Citadel, and the Beg Hoose, is hime to Emperror Jeremaih Stormwesh VIIIIIIIIIII (Dang thats a lot of I's) Of Hungry. The castl is mainley made up of 7 crabs, the Docks, the Feilds, the Debut, the Baraks, the Armury, the Mane Courtyard, and the Keep.

The Castl itself is a entir islund, compoosed of Narry, and Sexy soldiers to swerve the Emperor as his monk. Heer r sum painters of the castl, paint, and seaweed!

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