The Pvp Hut Is A Broken Burnt Hut By The Shipwright, Tortuga Abassa, Where Pirates Sign Up To Test Their Skills. Pirates Are Forced To Not Run And They May Only Use The Weapon They Ordered. It Is An Idea Of Zoomer, And Anybody Is Welcomed, Anybody. Pirates May Now Jump, But Only If The Pirate They Are Confronting Is The Same Or Higher Level, And Costs Licenses.

Weapons To Be Ordered

Sword : Cutlass, Sabre, Or Broadsword. Dagger : Throwing Allowed, But Costs Licenses. Guns : Lead Shot Ammo, And Bane, Only For Beginners. You Can Use Any, But Costs Licenses.

Cursed Blades



Licenses Work As Allowance Tickets In The PVP Hut. It Allows You To Use More Weapons, But There Is A Trick. Pvp'ing Low Levels Gives You Only 3 Licenses!! Here's The Trick :

License Levels : 1 - 6 = 3 Licenses.

License Levels : 7 - 14 = 5 Licenses. License Levels : 15 - 21 = 8 Licenses.

License Levels : 22 - 27 = 11 Licenses.

License Levels : 28 - 35 = 13 Licenses. License Levels : 36 - 43 = 18 Licenses. License Levels : 44 - 50 = 20 Licenses.

Special * If You Win Against A Higher Level Pirate, You Receive An Extra 5 Licenses!!! Special * If You Win Against A Jumper Pirate, Reward Licenses Are Doubled!!!

A Relief

Grenades, Blunderbusses, Ranged Powerful Weapons, Aren't Allowed : The One That Really Reliefs Is : Dolls Arent Allowed. Please Read This Page Before Going To The Hut!!!

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