The PVPCA is a company that promotes fighting between pirates, it accepts anyone from lvl 1 noobs - lvlv 50 Awesome people. the Owner and CEO is Jim Logan. If you would like to join please ask in the comments.


  1. Jim Logan(Owner and CEO)
  2. Edgar Wildrat Promoter of Port Royal


Whenever I(or a promoter) feel like it.


The Pirate World Champion(Defended anywhere) - Willl be fought with the Tortugan and Port Royal Champion

The EITC Heavyweight Champion - (Defended anywhere) - Must be an "EITC Player"

The Tortugan Champion - Jarod29

The Port Royal Champion - John Breasly

The Pardes Del Fuego Champion - Johnny Goldtimbers

The Ravens Cove Champion - LeClerc Sharpe

The Arlian Champion - Zoomer(Has to be defended on Ravens Cove)

The PVP Tag Team Championship - (Needs 2 people) Vacant

Defending a title

All titles are set to a specific island to be defended, although the World and Heavyweight Championship , and the Tag Team Championships cna be defended on any island. They can also be defended on any server.


Competitors are encouraged play the part of a "good guy" or a "bad guy"


Good Guys

  1. Jim Logan
  2. Jarod29
  3. Matthew Darkpain

Bad Guys

  1. John Breasly

Good Guy (AKA Faces)

  1. Show good sportsman ship
  2. Please the crowd
  3. Act nice
  4. Involve the crowd

Evil/Bad guy (AKA Heels)

  1. Use cheap shots(e.g use banned weapons)
  2. act hostile torward the fans
  3. gloat
  4. attack people after u beat them
  5. Try and get out of fights by making excuces

Rules and Info

  1. Only use weapons decided by promoter
  2. Take a screenshot of result as proof
  3. You have to have 3 wins to challenge a champion
  4. WIN!
  5. If you are a promoter u can stil fight someone in PvP
  6. No one is restricted to one island but will need to take it up with the promoter of the island he/she wants to go to and tell the promoter he/she formally was signed to.
  7. A person can hold up to 3 titles at once(e.g. The Pirate World Championship, The Tortugan and Port Royal Championship) at once.
  8. If you are tag team champion(or Pirate World Champion) you may defend the titles on any island but you must take it up with the promoter.
  9. If you challenge for a title more than 4 times in a row, and dont offer something if u lose on the 3rd try you will be Banned.gif from competing for that islands title for 1 week.
  10. If you lose a championship, you will have 1("free") chance to attempt to get it back, after that, you will have to earn it.
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