The POTCO Players Wiki Signature Contest or TPPWS is a contest similiar to FAOTW. This contest is for people good with coding/signature making. or people with good signatures.
The POTCO Players Wiki Signature Contest Official Logo

The POTCO Players Wiki Signature Contest-Prove your skill with the pen!

==Instructions== Just submit your signature and it will be placed in the contest. Vote for the contest by saying so in the comments for example: I vote for ***Persons Name****** Signature!. whoever wins the contest will recieve this banner on there User page: And remember the contest is fairly new so please get your friends to join!


  • Must be your signature
  • Must place your signature in the comment page by typing four of these things: ~
  • ENJOY!
  • One signature per name
  • The awards are currently weekly however that can be by-passed by officials.
  • no bribery please

Competitors This Week

  • Keira Kinover
  • Simon Treasurehawk

Last Week's Standings

  1. Samuel Redbeard
  2. Captain Robert
  3. Simon Treasurehawk (Sorry you lost points because the signature changed the font of everything under it)
  4. Shade
  5. Bator.hos
  6. GenLawrence
  7. Jeffrey Blasthawk (nice try but it was almost identical to your old one xD)
  8. Keira Kinover
  9. JZfredskins (font changed)
  10. Matt

How will the contest be judged?

The contest is judged by me, User:Captain Crimson . We will be judging the signatures in this method: *You will be judged for originality of your signature (how similiar it is to other signatures) *You will be judged by the design of your signature *You will be judged on how well your signature is lain out and the links it is attached to. *You will be judged by the complexity of your signature *Each time you fulfill the requirements you will be given a POINT who ever has the most POINTS wins the contest *Votes are not neccesary but will provide you with an extra POINT The winner will find a banner on there player page that they can remove or keep.

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