The Original Five consisted of 5 strong, brave, courageous, respectful, responsible, hard working, compasionate pirates. They were the original leaders of Skull's Marines. They helped found the guild, with Capt. Skull X as GM. The other leaders consisted of Robert O'Morigan, Kate Irongrin, Terry Saberbearer, and William Firedavis. Together they ran the powerful guild Skull's Marines and helped attack the Navy, EITC, and Jolly Roger. They founded Skull's Marines on July 9, 2009.

The Decline of the Original Five

It was a bright afternoon day, the Original Five, which back then were called the Big Five, were invited to a meeting with a Co. Guild GM and officers. Little did they know that the Co. Guild was being payed to lead the Original Five into an ambush. During their passage EITC Tyrants boarded the little Renegade Cobra, only a Frigate. The marines fought very hard, and valiantly, but eventually the Original Five got tired, and finally gave up. Robert O'Morgin dove and took a bullet for Capt. Skull X, and died on the spot. The Black Guard then disable the rudder, shot down the masts, and set the Renegade Cobra on fire, leaving the Original Five to burn to death.... About a year passed since the sinking, many of the Marines were rounded up and hung at Fort Charles. Everyone had lost hope, and thought Skull was gone, along with the Original Five.
  • The Renegade Cobra is attacked, and crippled.
  • The Renegade Cobra sinks, and the Original Five.
Then on one clear skied day, on the horizon was spotted a raft, about 20 miles off the cost of Tortuga. Several Ships set out to go inspect the raft, coming to find that Capt. Skull X, and William Firedavis were on board, but barely living. Many wondered how they managed to survive. They told the story of what happened, and how the other three leaders of Skull's Marines died on the ship. Skull and Will survived with an odd situation. A navy ship was passing by the wreckage of the Renegade Cobra. It was about 2 days after the attack. The ship stopped to see what they could salvage and take from the destroyed ship, when they found Skull, Will, and Terry Saberbearer. They tried to take them prisoner, but Terry refused, he put up a hard fight, but was no match for the navy soldiers, and was shot on site. As Skull and Will were sitting in the jail cell, the Captain of the ship came down and said, "Skull... I am your father...". They talked and argued for a while, and Skull's dad tried to convince him that pirates were bad, but he didn't listen, So his father broke them out of the jail cell, near the cost of Tortuga, and made a cover up their escape.
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