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The One with Everything
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Chapter 1 ~ Take Over

One thousand years ago the world was at peace. There was only one government, "Haif," which translates from the ancient tongue to 'Peace'. This government was too vast to be governed by one man. So there were four Governors, Tomas, John, Gore, and Jacov. They all reported to the king, Jim Fireflint, about how their separate providence's were doing. These governors all hated each other and wished that they could kill each other. But they were afraid of King Jim, who lived in his enormous castle, which looked like it was made of pure crystals, at sunset.

So for now, they stayed away from each other. But, though they did not know yet, one of them would soon get their hearts desire, and more... King Jim's peace soon ended with the landing of a large blood red, crystal ball. Farmers found it and sent it to King Jim. When he received it he was deeply troubled. His advisers didn't know why he was troubled, they ordered for the blacksmith to try and chip some off and see if it was real crystal. The blacksmith tried to chip at it, but couldn't even make a scratch on its surface.

Then they brought in their strongest guard to break it with a hammer. The guard brought the huge hammer up and over his arm. When he swung, the people near heard the hammer tear through the air. When it connected with the crystal ball a loud ringing sounded and the guard was thrown off his feet into the nearby wall. When the ringing stopped and the guard was helped up, they examined the crystal ball and only found a small crack. They became excited at this. The guard was told to do it again.

He brought the hammer up and over his arm, but before he could even move, the very loud ringing sounded again, perhaps even louder then before. Everyone lost their balance and clutched their ears tightly. King Jim opened his eyes, and was the only one to see the crack in the crystal ball growing. King Jim got up, still clutching his ears, and walked towards the crystal ball. When he was only inches from it, it exploded into a million pieces. The shock wave sent everyone flying to the wall.

King Jim looked over himself and found himself completely fine. The ringing subsided and everyone looked around, seeing only a very deep fog. When the fog started to go away, everyone saw a tall dark image rise... When the fog finally cleared, there stood a tall man in dark black armor, covered in blood almost everywhere. His face was covered in a helmet made of the skull of a hideous creature that nobody had ever seen before. The man's eyes were like fire, burning into all the very souls of the people there.

The man finally spoke in a thunderous voice, "Who is the ruler of this planet you natives call 'Earth'." Nobody dared to speak. The only sound they made was their breathing. "I ask again." The man said anger rising in his voice, "Who is ruler of this place." King Jim rose slowly, hand on sword "I am." The man looked King Jim up and down. He then clutched the staff at his side and said quietly "No longer will you rule this place." When he finished the sentence a loud noise rung in everybody's ears.

But to King Jim, the sound was destroying him, taking apart every single one of his cells slowly and painfully. And soon, where King Jim once stood, there was nothing... The man then spoke louder with evil barely hidden in his voice, "I am Penetration. I am the god of conquering. I have conquered the volcanic planet, Tchinka, the jungle planet, Vallert, and the heathen planet, Plido. I am now the new ruler of this planet, and I will charge one of you humans with the task of keeping it that way.

Penetration started to rise slowly then went flying out the window to find a suitable person to rule for him. He choose Gore, one of the past Governors, to take rule Earth for him. Gore accepted. Penetration gave Gore immortality and amazing powers, but warned Gore that one of the other gods, or all of them had the power to make and send something that could kill both of them. When Penetration left, Gore's first order as ruler of the Earth was to kill the other past governors.

After they were dead, Gore took the new name, Ruank, which translates from the old language, Death-bringer. He became a cruel dictator, and ordered that everyone was to ship any gold found, to the palace, so that when Penetration came back he would be pleased with their offering. He then had every boy at the age of twelve come to the palace for five year training to be in the army. Families were torn apart and soon food supplies started to dwindle because the farmers turned to old men and had no male heirs to take over the farm.

Ruank, not pleased by the amount of gold yet, didn't even pay attention to the farmers pleas to have their sons back. He then turned every farm into a mine and made everyone from forty to ninety work at the mines. There were resistances against Ruank here and there but they were no match for Ruank's army. It looked as if there was no hope... But in the humans darkest hour the gods joined together to make a weapon so powerful that it could even kill themselves. They sent the sword to Earth, where it would choose one to wield it.

Penetration sent word to Ruank what the other gods had done. Ruank ordered his army to try and find the sword. Once they found it they broke it into four pieces and cast it all over the world. Many people and resistances tried to find the pieces. But it was never found and hope became just a legend...

One thousand years later...

The smell of food woke young Jason Yelloweagle, as it always did, on the morning of his twelfth birthday. He got up and got dressed in his usual clothes. He then went down to the kitchen and sat down at the table. His mother didn't turn and say good morning to him as usual, she didn't even say happy birthday. He just waved the thought off and started to put on his boots. When he finished his mother finally turned and looked at him. Finally she said "You won't be going to play today Jason."

Jason sat there and looked puzzled. "Why?" Jason asked. "Because your twelve now. You're a growing boy and your father is going to take you to learn about farming," his mother replied. Jason had always heard about farming from his friends, but he never thought people still farmed. His mother handed him his breakfast and told him to eat quick. Jason grabbed the food and ate it as quick as he could. His mother just laughed while watching him. She suddenly stopped laughing and turned back to the dishes.

Jason then went outside to find his father preparing the cart. He sat down on a rock and watched him finish tying the load down. His father climbed in and motioned for Jason to follow. He jumped into the cart and they began the journey. It was a very long journey across a desert, up and down mountains, and across bridges. Finally they came to a halt near a dock. There was only one eerie boat at the dock. His father got off and started to load the cargo they had onto the boat. When he finished he hopped into the boat and said to Jason, "Climb in."

Jason grabbed onto the dock and carefully climbed into the boat. His father then started rowing into the night fog that had started coming in. Jason decided it was going to be very long before they arrived wherever they were going so he went to sleep listening to the small waves hit the boat. He woke up on a sandy beach and looked around for his father. He looked around everywhere but only saw the supplies. He then saw something written in the sand. He looked closer and read "We are doing this for your own good Jason.

They were going to come and take you away from us and send you to the army. You will be safe here. Your mother and I love you Jason and this is for the best. We'll come visit whenever possible. Signed Dad." Jason just stared and read the note in the sand over and over and over again until the waves washed it away. He then finally looked back at the supplies. He picked them up and started to the jungle part of the island. To start his new life as King Jason of Yelloweagle's Paradise...

Jason sat on the beach and stared out at the ocean. It had been eight years since his father had left him on that very same beach, and he was now twenty. And even though his mother or father had never came to visit him, he was determined to find his parents. He was almost finished with a boat he had been working on for a couple months, when he thought he heard some noise coming from the sea. He turned and saw a boat coming in with two people riding in it. He pushed his almost complete boat behind a rock and watched them come onto the beach.

They started to talk and Jason started to remember English. "Look at this." He heard the girl say. He watched the man walk over and look down. Jason tried to see what they were looking at and remembered his foot prints. He watched them look at the foot prints. "Do you suppose that means somebody lives here?" The girl asked. "I'm not sure," the man said, "this could have been done a long time ago." Jason started to move out a little more to see them better when the girl said "Look!" Jason ducked behind the rock before the man could turn and see.

"What is it?" The man asked. "It looked like... A man!" Keira replied. Keira started to move closer to the rock and the man was walking right behind her. Jason climbed up on top of the tall rock and hoped that they wouldn't see him. They started to search around the rock for him. Jason grabbed the tree near him then quietly broke a limb off. He carefully and quietly sharpened the end. Jason aimed it at the man when all of a sudden he felt a shock go through his entire body, and was knocked out.

Jason suddenly awoke and tried to get up, but found himself tied down. Suddenly he heard the one called Keira say "He's awake!" Quickly the two of them were on both sides of him looking down at him. "Untie me and leave." Jason said to them. "You can talk?!?" Keira said back, clearly astonished. "I don't believe it..." The man said. "I said 'untie me and leave'." Jason said again. "We can't leave." Keira said while untying him, "We came here to look for a place to stay hidden from Ruank." Keira said.

The name sent a chill down Jason's spine as he remembered Ruank. "This is my island. It has been my home for eight years. I don't care if you are hiding from Ruank or not." Jason answered back. "Then we will take it by force." Keira said back. Jason grabbed Keira and was about to flip her over when the man punched him in the back and sent him to the ground. Jason jumped up from the ground and suddenly thought of his father and mother. He then started to run for Keira and the man's boat.

"STOP!" Keira yelled out. Jason looked back and saw the man running after him while Keira was pulling something out of her pocket. Jason reached the boat and started to push it out. When he was about to jump in he heard a click. He jumped into the boat and heard a loud BANG. All of a sudden something went through the boat. Jason started to paddle out to the sea. Suddenly he heard another BANG and saw another thing go through the boat. But this time it hit the bottom and started to sink the boat.

Jason jumped out and swam back to shore underwater. When Keira was close enough he jumped out and tackled her. When he had her under control he looked behind him to look for the man and felt a big rock hit him on the head.

When Jason woke this time he didn't even try to get up. "Ok fine. You two can stay." Jason called out. Keira and the man came over and looked down at him angrily. Finally breaking the silence Keira said, "Just promise you won't turn on us?" Jason stared at Keira to see if she was serious. She was. "I promise." Jason told her. Keira finally bent down and started to untie him. When she finished the man helped him up and said, "The name's Bill Plunderbones." "My name is Keira Kinover." Keira said.

Jason looked at them for a second trying to remember then finally said, "My name is Jason Yelloweagle." When Bill heard Jason say his name he moved back a step and looked up and down at Jason, stunned. "Jason?" Bill asked, "I used to be your friend..." Bill answered. Jason stood there trying to remember his childhood, which had almost become nothing to him. He suddenly started to remember the names of his friends... Xavier Gauntlet, Jack Pistol, Joseph King, and Bill Plunderbones...

Jason sat down and looked at Bill, seeing how much he had changed. Jason got up and said, "It's good to see you again Bill." "Same to you." Bill said. "So how did you meet Keira?" Jason asked Bill. Bill looked at Keira and said, "Well... Probably the same day you left my dad took me to an island like this. And I met Keira who was already living there." Bill answered. Bill looked around then stopped and stared at the jungle. "What's that?" Bill asked pointing to the sky above the jungle.

Jason looked and saw the smoke that was rising above the trees. "That's the gummi bears, probably making lunch. Come on." Jason said while he was walking towards the jungle. "Gummy bears? You mean the candy?" Keira asked. "Not 'Gummy'. G, u, m, m, i, gummi." Jason told her over his shoulder, "Come on and you'll see." Keira and Bill exchanged a weary glance then followed Jason into the jungle.

Chapter 2 ~ The Gummi Bears

Keira and Bill followed Jason into the middle of the forest. Jason finally held aside a branch of leaves for them and they saw his tree fort which he had worked on for eight years. "It's beautiful." Keira said. "Breathtaking." Bill said. Jason then went over to the base of the tree fort and opened up the door. Suddenly a low rumble started. Then the gummi bears came flowing out, surrounding Bill and Keira. The gummi bears stared at Bill and Keira then started to come towards them slowly, leaving no way to exit.

"GIFFER TIBBY LABBIT!!!!" Jason yelled out. The gummi bears suddenly stopped, and seemed to notice Jason for the first time. The gummi bears crowded around Jason and looked affectionately up at him. "These are the gummi bears." Jason told Bill and Keira, "Sorry that they tried to eat you... They aren't used to having visitors." Keira came closer and looked at the gummi bears. "How did you make them?" Keira asked. Jason looked over the gummi bears and said, "It was my first day living here.

I found these guys wandering around. When they saw me they led me to a chest that had been dug up here. I was about to take some gold when I realized it might be why they were here. So I buried the chest. I started to help them and they made me their leader. They've followed me ever since." Keira looked at Jason then finally asked, "Then how did you get here?" Jason looked down at the ground then answered, "It was eight years ago if I counted the days right. It was my twelfth birthday, my dad brought me all the way out here and left me here... He didn't come back..."

Keira looked back at Bill who was quickly wiping a tear from his eye. "I'm so sorry." Keira said. "Me too." Bill said. "Well... It's getting late. You can help me build a boat so we can sail to the mainland tomorrow." Jason said, "We should probably get some sleep..." "Goodnight then." Keira said. "Goodnight." Bill said. "Goodnight..." Jason whispered to himself.

Jason watched the gummi bears, Keira, and Bill move logs to the beach, then grabbed another nail. He started to hammer a pair of logs together when Bill and Keira brought another log over. "You think this raft will work?" Bill asked when they put the log down. "It should. I just have to place the logs right and melt the gummi bears and use them to seal any cracks left." Jason told him. "And you're sure they're fine with you burning them?" Bill asked. Jason looked at the gummi bears, "They can't even feel it."

Bill looked at Jason suspiciously, "Ok." He replied suspiciously. Jason started to nail the log to the others when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He looked out to the sea and saw a big boat. He could see it was moving towards the island. He called a couple of gummi bears and told them to move the half made boat and the parts behind a rock, then hide. Jason started sprinting along the path ran into Keira. Keira dropped her half of the log which made Bill drop it on his foot. "AI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bill screamed.

"Bill! Keira!" Jason said trying to yell over Bill's screaming, "We have a situation! Someone is coming!" Keira was about to say something but then she went and moved the log off of Bill's foot, slapped him, then said, "We've got to hide." Jason's mind was racing trying to figure out where to hide. "I know a spot..." Jason said, "But we have to see who's on that ship before we go to it." Keira looked at Bill who was trying to still not yell, in fear Keira might slap him again.

"Ok let's see." Keira said. Jason led them to a spot near the beach where they could watch but not be seen. The ship was moving closer and the sun wasn't reflecting off it as badly anymore. Soon Jason realized it wasn't just a regular old ship. It was more like an armored battle ship. It finally stopped and started to lower a dingy. When the ship reached the beach the people in it got out and looked around. "Looks like a great place to have our new headquarters." One of them said, "The jungle provides hiding space and nobody has come close enough to even see this place yet."

"It doesn't matter what you think, it's all up to the commander. He just sent us to make sure none of the wildlife would attack." Said another guard. Jason looked at the other guards then noticed something. "Weren't there nine of them when they got out of the boat?" Jason whispered to Keira. Keira nodded. Jason asked, "Then why do I only count..." "FREEZE!!" Jason, Bill and Keira turned quickly around to find a gun pointed at each off them. "Six..." Jason finished. "You are under arrest by The Resistance." The one with his gun pointed at Jason said.

Jason walked around his room nervously then looked out the window to see Yelloweagle's Paradise. He couldn't believe he had allowed them to take himself, Bill, and Keira to their ship. For all he knew they could be Ruank's men posing as The Resistance. The door opened and Jason looked at the guards. "If you want to join The Resistance, then come with us to the test." One of them said. Jason nodded and followed them to a big room filled with many obstacles. "What do I do?" Jason asked.

The guards looked at each other and just grinned. "You'll find out." One of them said. They closed the doors and Jason looked around. Suddenly everything started to move and Jason was pushed forward. He got up and then jumped to the side as a pack of daggers flied by his head, just barely cutting his shirt. Jason jumped up while a twirling sword machine passed under him. Jason looked around and saw a flag across the room. He started to make his way to the flag avoiding the obstacles.

He jumped up to grab the flag when a dagger shot across and grazed his back. Crying out in pain, he missed the flag. He hit the ground hard and shook his head. Looking up at the flag he started to see double of everything. He tried to get up and felt woozy. Slowly, he reached up for the flag and took it from it's place. As soon as it was out of it's hole all the obstacles stopped. Jason held the flag up in the air triumphantly, then fell onto the ground.

When he woke up he was back in his room with his back wrapped in a bandage. He tried to get up then felt woozy again. He lied back down and noticed there was somebody else in the room. He looked at the man. "Your father did the exact same thing at his initiation, you know." The man said. "Who are you?" Jason asked. "Come my boy. Can't you remember your own uncle?" The man said smiling. Jason stared at the man. "Uncle Jarod?" Jason said. "It's good to see you again Jason. You sure have grown up..." Jarod told him. "Thanks. Where are we?" Jason asked. "Well... We are in your room on the floating headquaters of the Rusistance. Now get some rest, your friends wanted to see you soon. And if you have any questions they should be able to answer them all." Jarod said. "Ok." Jason said, getting comfortable. Jason closed his eyes and went to sleep.

When Jason woke up again he saw that Keira and Bill were sitting beside him. He looked at them then noticed that Bill was asleep. "Hey sleepy head." Keira said with a yawn. Bill's head suddenly jerked up and he yelled, "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!" When he noticed there were no demons around him he smiled shyly. Then they all started laughing. "Have you met my uncle?" Jason asked them. They looked at each other then they turned back to look at him. "Yes... He wanted us to tell you something..." Keira said.

"What is it?" Jason asked them. Bill looked at Keira pleadingly and she sighed. "It's about your... Destiny." "What?" Jason asked. Keira sighed again. "He said you're... Different from everyone else." "Thanks..." "No, not like that... I meant your... Special." "How am I 'special' then." "Your uncle told us what happened with your father's sword." "So?" "He said that every generation there is someone like you who can't touch any other sword except for Eso Pitri." "What's Eso Pitri?"

"A sword made by the gods that can kill anything. But Ruank split it into four peices and sent it to different parts of the world. Only one person can use the sword every generation and you're this generation's." Jason laid back down and stared at the ceiling. "So what? Are we supposed to go find the peices and use it to kill Ruank?" "Yes. Your uncle said they already had one peice of it. So that just leaves three peices left." "Ok that's better I guess..." "He said you can start searching in a few days when you're healed."

"Ok. Now can you guys leave? I'm tired and I need some sleep..." "Ok sleep well." Bill woke back up from a short cat nap and screamed. "I'M NOT A SANDWICH!!!!!!" Keira and Jason stared at Bill. Then Keira and Bill got up and left. Jason stared at the ceiling and slowly closed his eyes. When he fell asleep he immediately wished he hadn't. He found himself standing beside a man who was looking out over the land. Standing on what appeared to be a crystal balcony. When he looked around he realized everything around him looked like crystal.

Then suddenly the man turned around and he had a face like none other that Jason had ever seen before. "Hello." The man said, "Jason? Is it?" When Jason realized he couldn't speak he just nodded. "Good good... Now my boy. I would like you to bring me Eso Pitri... So that I may finally destroy it." Jason shook his head no. "Sooner or later you will bring me Eso Pitri... Just you wait..." And suddenly he was sitting upright in his bed, breathing quickly, and sweating like crazy. Jason got up and opened the door and walked around and asking people until he found his uncle's room.

His uncle turned around with a surprised face, from some work he had been doing. "My boy you need some rest before-" "I just had a dream about being in Ruank's castle." Jason suddenly blurted out. His uncle looked at him with a grim expression. "Tell me all about it." He said closing the door.

Chapter 3 ~ Meeting the Rusistance

Jason emerged from his quarters, and saw Keira and Bill waiting for him. "How about we go look around to get your mind off things?" Keira suggested. While they were walking around Jason sighed, "This isn't working." "Just keep trying. There's a lot of cool stuff to do here." Keira said. "Sure there is." Bill said. Then Bill started to make a snoring noise. "Quit that." Keira said while punching Bill. "Maybe we should meet some people?" Keira suggested.

"Let's try it..." Jason said. Keira, Jason, and Bill started to move across the deck to a lone Resistee. "Hey, I'm Jason Yelloweagle, and this is Bill Plunderbones and Keira Kinover." Jason said. "Hi." Keira said. "Wassup?" Bill asked. The Resistee looked them over. "I'm Jason Shiprat, you can call me Shiprat. Nice to meet you." Shiprat said while holding out his hand. Jason shook it firmly. "So what do you do around here for some fun?" Jason asked. "Hmm... I'd say you'd need to see Bobby about having some fun..." Shiprat told him.

"Ok... And where do we find Bobby?" Jason asked. "You don't find Bobby, Bobby finds you." Shiprat said with a grin. "I'm just kidding, she's usually around on the deck." Shiprat said. "Thank's for the help Shiprat." Jason said. "No problem guys. Hope to see you around the ship sometime again." Shiprat said. And then he walked off. Jason looked at Bill then Keira. "Time to find this Bobby." Jason said. And with that, Jason led the way to find Bobby.

"So." Bobby said while stroking a pure white cat, "You come to me because you want to have some fun?" "That about sums it up." Jason said trying to cover Bill's sobbing over his lost cake. "Hmm..." Bobby said. "I believe I have just the game for you..."

Bobby screamed as loud as she could, "DODGE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bobby and her team ran up and grabbed all the balls. "Uh oh..." Bill said. Suddenly Bill was pounded with balls. "You're out!" The referee told Bill. Jason looked over at Keira and saw that she was trying to hide her laughter. Jason picked up a ball and threw it as hard as he could at a guy beside Bobby. The guy hit the floor hard. "You're out!" Said the referee. Jason grinned. "This is gonna be fun..." Jason said.

Keira threw a ball at Bobby but it was deflected by Shiprat. "You're out!" The referee said. Keira mumbled to herself about something, but still went off the court. Seeing his opportunity, Jason threw his ball at Shiprat and it him square in the shoulder. "You're out!" The referee yelled. When Shiprat left the court it was down to Bobby and Jason. "You might as well give up now." Bobby said grinning. "I don't think so..." Jason said while picking up a ball. Bobby threw the ball as soon as he moved to bend over.

Jason jumped into the air and twisted over the ball thrown by Bobby. When he landed he threw the ball at Bobby. She brought her hands up and almost stopped it but it was too fast and it just went through and hit her which meant, "You're.... Out!!!" The referee said. The referee blew his whistle then ran up and held up Jason's hand. "He wins!!" The referee said. Jason grinned widely at Bobby as she started slowly clapping. Bill and Keira ran up and told Jason that he did a good job.He couldn't stop grinning. For once in his life something good had happened. To bad he didn't have much more time to enjoy it...

Suddenly cannon shots sounded from behind them. Jason turned around and saw another big ship sailing straight for them. Suddenly he heard Jarod's voice, "TO THE CANNONS!!! ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!!!! I WANT THIS SHIP TURNED A FULL 90 DEGREES NOW!!!!!!!!" Then the whole crew yelled out, "SIR YES SIR!!" Everyone started running around the deck. Orders were given all around and soon almost everyone was either at the cannons or fixing the sails. Jason ran up with Keira and Bill to his uncle. "What do you want us to do?" Jason asked. His uncle looked them over, "Get below deck. They're probably here for you." Jason nodded and led Keira and Bill below deck.

Chapter 4 ~ Battle to the Bitter End...

We can't just sit here doing nothing," Keira said irritated. "Well what are we supposed to do?" Jason asked, "if they catch me, it might be bad for everyone..." Bill had begun to look around at the cannons and suddenly he had sparked a flame for one. Jason sniffed the air, "Do you smell something?" Simultaneously Keira and Jason turned around. "What do you think you're doing!!!" Keira yelled at Bill. "Helping out." Bill said grinning. Suddenly the cannon went off, and a cannonball shot out and went just below the surface of the sea, and hit the enemy ship.

They watched the ship sink slowly and the men on board swimming to shore. "Don't worry, I'll tell the Gummi bears to eat them..." Jason said. Quickly he let out a loud bellow that sounded like "ephor." They could see the men reaching the shore, when suddenly the Gummi bears came running out of the jungle and jumped on them. Bill turned away from the gruesome sight of the Gummi bears eating them alive. "Are they done yet?" Bill asked Keira and Jason who were watching intently. "Nah... They just got to the brain." Jason replied while grinning and turning around to watch Bill shiver from the thought.

Suddenly they heard a scrambling of boots coming down. "WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!" Jarod said angrily when he came down. "They did it." Bill said while pointing at Keira and Jason. "Us?!?!" Keira and Jason said in unison. "Well... Good job, our cannoneers were having a hard time trying to shoot at that spot." Jarod told them. "WHAT!?!? NO!!!! I did it!" Bill said. "Bill... It would be best if you didn't try to steal the spotlight all the time... It makes you seem rude..." Jarod said while grinning and going back up the stairs.

Bill stared at the stairs with his mouth open while Keira and Jason laughed at him. "You totally had that coming." Jason said while trying to hide his laughter. "Like you had this coming?" Bill said, moving his fist toward his face. Jason quickly sidestepped, grabbed Bill's fist around the wrist and flipped him on his back. Jason looked down at Bill, "Don't mess with the best boy..." When Bill finally stopped crying about his back hurting, Jason helped him up. "So, I guess we can go back up now." Keira said, still trying to hide her laughter.

Bill led the way back up the stairs not noticing that Jason and Keira were laughing silently behind his back because he was moaning about his back with every step he took. When they were halfway up the stairs all of them went quiet when they heard metal against metal and orders being shouted. Bill got out of the way and let Keira and Jason run past him. When Keira and Jason reached the deck they saw that they had all been fooled and that some of Ruanks men had sneaked onto the ship.

"Go back down!" Jarod yelled at the two of them. Just when they had begun running down the stairs, looking over their shoulders at the fight, they collided with Bill and they started tumbling down to the bottom of the stairs. "Ow my back!" Keira and Jason said in unison. "Hey! My back!! It's cured!!!" Bill said joyously. "Good for you buddy..." Jason said while trying to straighten his back. Suddenly they went quiet. "I think I saw them run down here." Said a voice none of them knew.

"Hide!" Jason mouthed to the others. They all scurried as quickly as they could to different hiding spots. Bill had just fixed his feet so they didn't show, when two very burly looking men came down. The burliest of the two poked the other one with his gun and pointed to the barrels, where Keira was hidden in one. They quietly walked up and started to search them. When they were nearing where Keira was Jason grabbed a box and threw it against the wall opposite them all. They two turned and looked at where the noise came from, then walked over to the pile of boxes.

While they started to search behind the boxes Jason got up quietly, and motioned for Bill to grab a barrel, they both snuck up on the two, and almost in unison slammed the barrels over both of them. "We got them, you can come out now Keira." Jason said. Jason and Bill pulled the barrels off the two and picked them up. "I suppose it's finished by now." Keira said while joining to help them pick up the two. They started to push the two up the stairs, halfway up Keira started screaming because she had accidentally pushed too hard and her hands had slipped which caused her head to lodge itself into the burliest ones armpit.

Bill and Jason looked at each other grinning, then, without much effort, tried to dislodge her head from the armpit. When they had finally had her head dislodged Jarod came running down the stairs breathing heavily, when he saw the two he started grinning from ear to ear. "I knew that you could do pretty good in situations, but taking out two armed men?" Jarod asked. "It was actually pretty easy... They turned out to be pretty stupid..." Jason said grinning back. "Good, good..." Jarod said, joining them from behind to help push the two up the stairs.

"What did I miss?" Keira whispered to Jason as she sat down beside him, having just come from taking a shower. "Nothing much, he's just now finishing his speech about togetherness and blah blah blah..." Jason whispered back. "Now, I would like to move on to today's events..." Jarod said, "As you all know, today we were attacked by a small portion of Ruank's Navy. Luckily for us we were able to take them down without sustaining any injuries and have also had the opportunity to capture some men to interrogate.

Tomorrow our interrogation will begin on the men and we hope to gain some information that we might be able to use against Ruank. During all the fighting, our scientists made a very exciting discovery. Come on up here Lawrence." A tall man with light brown hair and side burns walked up onto the platform. "Thank you Jarod," Lawrence said, "Now, today I was studying the piece of Eso Pitri as usual and when the ship lurched to the right a most interesting thing happened to the piece.

It turned to face the same way it had been pointing a few minutes earlier. I have been thinking this over and I believe that wherever the piece is pointing, it's pointing at the closest piece to it. With this we should be able to easily find the other pieces in maybe even under a year." With this the whole deck exploded into cheering and clapping. "Thank you Lawrence." Jarod said walking back onto the platform. "That will be all for tonight, goodnight to you all." "Well that's good." Keira said while getting up.

"How's that good? We have to stay on this death trap for a year..." Bill said. "Well... We could always just through you overboard to the closest land and come pick up your skeleton later." Jason said grinning evilly. "No, thanks." Bill said with a shiver. "So when do you think we're gonna start the search?" Jason asked. "Probably in a couple days, I overheard that they might make a little base here." Keira said. "Oh really? I better tell the Gummi bears to be nice to them then... They would probably eat them within an hour..." Jason said smiling just a little bit.

"Anyway, you guys think we could get just a little look at that piece of the sword?" Jason asked. "Maybe." Keira said, "It might be heavily guarded though." "Don't worry... I'm the nephew of the leader of The Resistance, I'm pretty sure they'd let me in." Jason said leading the way down some stairs that none of them had ever gone down before. When they reached the bottom they looked down the hall they found themselves in and saw at the end a big door with locks spread all over it.

"Well this shouldn't be a problem." Jason said looking over his shoulder at Keira and Bill. When he turned back around his eyes almost popped out of his head, standing there, were two big guards, who Jason was sure weren't there before. Jason looked at Keira and Bill again who were staring at the guards too. Jason looked back at the guards and started down the hall toward them. "Halt." The guards told Jason in unison while putting their staffs together to make an X. "Um... Hi, I'm Jason, Jarod's nephew, so could my friends and I," Jason said while pointing over his shoulder at Bill and Keira, "have a look at Eso Pitri?"

The guards looked at each other and nodded. They turned around and stuck the end of their staffs into special holes and twisted. They then took off a ring they each were wearing, put it into another hole, and twisted. Quickly all the locks unlocked and the door slowly moved open. And there, in the center of the room, was one of the peices of Eso Pitri...

Chapter 5 ~ To be, or not to be, that is the question...

That night Jason dreamt that everyone he loved was being killed in front of him by Ruank using Eso Pitri. Suddenly the bodies of all them started chanting, "Jason... Jason. JASON!" Jason sat up quickly and hit his head against Keira's. "OW!" They both said. "What were you doing?" Jason said while rubbing his head. "I was trying to wake you up! It's almost ten and you're in here sweating like crazy." Keira said while holding her hand tightly against the bruise on her forehead.

Jason looked arm and saw that she was right. "What were you dreaming about anyway?" Keira asked. "Nothing." Jason said quickly while stretching. Keira looked at him skeptically. Jason noticed but just got up and stretched some more. Keira sighed and moved toward the door. "You know... I had a nightmare too last night..." Keira said before opening the door and leaving. Jason stared at the door for a couple seconds and sighed before getting ready for the day. When Jason got up on the deck he saw Keira and Bill whispering.

He glared at them angrily for a second before looking around for Jarod. He saw him standing at the end of the deck talking with a man with green hair. Jason walked within hearing distance of them and looked over the railing, listening in on their conversation. "The guards told me that they had went down and asked to see the piece..." The green haired man said. "Thank you for telling me this Jack... But now I must see to my nosy nephew... Have a good day." Jarod said. Jason gulped nervously and turned around to face Jarod.

"So... What happened in your nightmare?" Jarod asked. Jason looked at him surprised. "How did you know I had a nightmare?" Jason asked. "Lawrence figured out, soon after we found the piece, that separately the pieces have the powers of the gods who forged it. The piece we found has the power of Klorag, god of nightmares, and visions. So, if you would please..." Jarod said. "I dreamed that Ruank had all of Eso Pitri, and that he was killing everyone that I loved..." Jason told him.

Jarod nodded. "Bill and Keira have already told me their dreams, and there is one thing that links them all, Ruank having all of Eso Pitri." Jarod said, "This doesn't mean that the other part of your dream might not be real as well though..." Jason looked at Keira and Bill. "What was the other part of their dreams?" Jason asked while nodding toward them. Jarod turned his head toward Bill and Keira. "I think that's a little private..." Jarod said, "I mean, you wouldn't want them to know about your dream, would you?"

And with that Jarod walked towards where Lawrence was. Jason sighed and leaned against the railing. "What was that about?" Keira asked while joining him. "Nothing." Jason said. Keira glared at him. "You're such a idiot..." Keira said. "Thanks." Jason said a little angry now. Keira sighed and looked out at the ocean. "I don't want you to think I'm an idiot... I just don't want to tell you what I've been doing, alright?" Jason said. Keira looked a little shocked at Jason for a few seconds, "I'm sorry... I guess I can be a little nosy." Keira started leaning in slowly.

Jason noticed and was about to try and change the subject when he heard a meow come from behind him. When he turned around he saw a cat sitting there. Keira moved beside him and they were both kneeling down to rub the cat when suddenly it started to transform. In a couple of seconds there stood a women, exactly where the cat was sitting a couple seconds earlier. "Hi, I'm Carolina Kitty Whitley, call me Kitty." She said. "Hello." Keira said looking a little bit angry. "Hi." Jason said, glad something had interrupted them.

"I've seen you around the ship, you're Jarod's nephew right?" Kitty asked. "Yeah." Jason answered. "Well, welcome to the floating death trap then." Kitty said, and with that she walked away. "She seems... Interesting?" Jason said while trying to hide a smile. "Yes, very..." Keira said. Bill suddenly ran up, "Who was that?" He asked breathlessly. "Oh, just Carolina Kitty Whitley, call her Kitty." Keira said looking a little angry again. Bill looked behind him and watched her cross the deck.

"I'll be back soon..." Bill said while starting to move toward Kitty. "Back? You were barely even here!" Keira told him. But Bill was already gone. Keira sighed angrily, "Men..." "What's that supposed to mean?" Jason asked. "Oh nothing, just that all men are idiots..." Keira said. "Well if you think that, maybe I should just go hang out with some other idiots like me..." Jason said while looking at Keira little bit angrily. "Fine then." With that Keira turned around and walked away.

Jason sighed and looked around the deck for something to do. When he couldn't see anything fun, or Bobby, he decided to just spend the day in his quarters resting. When he was walking down the stairs to below deck he saw Bill sitting at the foot of the steps holding his hand against his check. "What happened?" Jason asked once he was close enough to see he was bleeding. "Kitty scratched me before I could even say anything... Did she say if she had any poison on those things?" Bill said.

"Yes, now get up and let's get you to the doctor." Jason said while helping Bill up. Jason held Bill steady while they walked. When they were close to the hospital room Jarod came out of a door close by looking troubled. When he saw Jason he smiled a little bit. "Ah, Jason. Just the person I wanted to see... We need to talk about training you for combat..." He said. "Ok." Jason said, leaving Bill to walk by himself the rest of the way to the hospital room. Jason started to walk with Jarod.

"Now, since you cannot use a sword, you must be prepared to use other means such as a pistol, or hand to hand combat." Jarod told him. Suddenly they heard a high pitch scream coming from behind them. When they looked behind them they saw Bill, strapped into a chair in the hospital room, being given a shot by a doctor drinking tea. "Ah, Matthew Blastshot... He's a new doctor to us." Jarod said. "His techniques are.... Unusual... But they work, so..." He shrugged. "Anyway, you will be trained to use a pistol by Jack Pistol, and in hand to hand combat by Christopher Crane.

And your training shall begin tomorrow at six o'clock sharp. Understood?" Jarod asked. "Yeah, 'Six o'clock sharp,' got it." Jason said. Jarod smiled. "Well I must be going now, have a good day." Jarod said while turning a corner into a dark hallway and disappearing. Jason looked into the hallway for a second then ran for the deck. After looking around for a second he saw Keira, just as he was about to walk over and tell her about what had just happened, he remembered what had happened between them and decided to just go to his quarters like he had planned to do.

A couple minutes later he was lying down on his bed thinking about everything. When he had fallen asleep he found himself back beside Ruank on the crystal balcony. "You cannot escape my wrath forever boy... You and I both know I'm telling the truth." Ruank told him. "I don't need to escape it, I can take you anytime." Jason said. "If that were true boy, then why do you let that puny 'Resistance' protect you?" "If they're so puny, then how come they can beat your forces so easily?" Ruank laughed a little, "We'll see if they can beat my forces so easily after tomorrow..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jason could feel that he was leaving. "Tell me what you mean!" Jason said while trying to grab him. But it was to late, Jason found himself sitting up in his bed breathing hard. Jason looked out his window and saw that it was sometime in the middle of the night. Jason put on some clothes as quickly as he could and ran out of his quarters to Jarod's room. When he finally found it in the dark he began to beat on the door until Jarod answered.

"What in the world are you doing up in the middle of the night?" Jarod asked angrily while rubbing his eyes. "I-think-Ruank's-going-to-send-someone-after-us." Jason said quickly. "What?" Jarod said slightly confused. "I think Ruank's going to send someone after us." Jason said, slowly this time. Jarod looked at Jason and then started walking quickly toward the deck. "Follow me Jason, there's no time to waste." Jarod said over his shoulder. Jason followed him. When he was just coming up on the deck, Jarod had started yelling, "ALL HANDS ON DECK, PREPARE FOR AN ATTACK!!!!"

Jason suddenly grabbed onto the railing as the boat suddenly started to rock. Suddenly everyone was on the deck. "EVERYONE PREPARE FOR AN ATTACK!!! JACK, CHRIS, JASON OVER HERE NOW!!!" Jason walked quickly past everyone and joined Jarod, Jack, and Chris, in a corner. "I want Jason's training to begin this instant, teach him everything you can before the attack happens." Jarod said. Jack and Chris looked at Jason and nodded at Jarod. "Good." Jarod said, leaving the trio, so he could attend to preparing for the attack.

"We'll train back and forth, every few minutes." Jack said. Jason nodded. "I call training him first." Chris said. "Fine, let's get down to the training room then..." Jack said, leading the way below deck to the training room. While they were walking they passed by the dark hallway. Chris noticed, "Only the highest people in the Resistance go down there... No use in wondering what's down there." Jason nodded without really understanding what he had just been told. When they arrived Chris immediately took Jason over to a punching bag.

"Show me how you punch." Chris told him. Jason obliged and punched the punching bag. "That was good. But now I want you hold up both hands to your chest, and punch the bag again." Chris told him again. Jason did it like Chris instructed him to and made the punching bag swing around for a couple seconds until Chris stopped it. "Good, good... Now, be light on your feet and try to punch me." Chris said. Jason looked at Chris. "Go on, punch me." Chris said while getting ready. Jason started moving around quickly with his hands held to his chest.

Every time Jason tried to punch him, Chris just deflected it like it was nothing but a fly. Finally Jason saw an opening in Chris' defenses and punched him. Chris moved backwards a few feet, when he regained his balance he smiled at Jason, "Ok, Jack, you're turn." Jack got to his feet and went over to a case. "This is my favorite part." Jack said smiling. Jack opened the case and revealed four totally different pistols, each a different size, shape, and in one case, even a different form.

"I want you to choose one and then shoot at the target, then tell me how it felt." Jack told him. "Ok..." Jason said. Jason looked at the four guns and chose the one with a small handle, and a long barrel. He loaded it then pointed it at the target and fired. "Well?" Jack asked. "It kind of bounced around in my hands when I fired because I couldn't get a grip on it." Jason told him. Jack nodded. "Let me choose the next one" Jack said. Jack looked at the three remaining guns and chose one with a large handle and barrel.

"Maybe this will do better." Jack said while handing it to him. Jason loaded it and was about to shoot at the target when suddenly all three of them where thrown against the wall. Above they all heard cannon shots and Jarod yelling instructions. "We better get up there." Chris said getting to his feet. Jason followed behind Jack and Chris up the stairs. "GET DOWN!!!!" Jack roared as he turned around and tackled Chris and Jason down the stairs. A spilt second later a cannonball zoomed through the door right where they were moments before. "I saw it... It's Wright's ship." Jack said out of breath getting up and helping them both up also.

Chapter 6 ~ The Attack

If it's Wright then we have to get him to the boat." Chris said, "NOW." Jack and Chris helped Jason up then led him towards the dark corridor. Jason followed Chris and Jack through the dark tunnel. Soon his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness and he realized how there were barely any doors, and how long it was. Finally they reached what he guessed was the end of the dark corridor and opened a door. When the door first opened Jason was blinded.

When he opened his eyes again he saw a miniature boat sitting in the middle of the room, and a huge door behind it. "What is this?" Jason asked. "Our ticket out of here." Chris told him, "Now help me get this thing ready." Jason walked over to the opposite side of the boat Chris was on and started untying the ropes holding the boat. Jack walked to the back of the room, "Ok, jump in, I'm opening the door." Jason obeyed and jumped into the boat. Chris jumped in also. "Hold on." Jack said.

He pulled a lever and the door suddenly opened. Quickly he jumped into the boat, which was starting to lurch out of the door. Jason closed his eyes and heard a big splash, when he opened them he was soaking wet. "WHEW, we lived!" Jack yelled. Chris and Jason looked at him in surprise. "Not that I didn't know we would..." Jack told them. Jason looked back at the battle happening between the two ships. Suddenly he saw something small moving towards them. "Hey guys... What's that?" Jason asked pointing at the small moving object.

"Dang it... They saw us leave! Jack get your pistol ready, and shoot when I yell 'now,' ok?" Chris said. Jack nodded. Chris got up and dived into the ocean. Jason tried to watch the small boat but it was already to dark to see anything happen. Jack stood there, with his pistol pointed at the boat. Suddenly out of the dark came Chris's voice yelling, "NOW!!!!" Jack immediatly pulled the trigger, reloaded, and pulled it again, he did this until he used up all six of his shots.

Then Jason and Jack stood there in silence. Then a hand grabbed onto the side of the boat. "Help me get this guy on board!" Chris yelled. Jack and Jason moved to where the hand was and looked overboard, there was Chris, holding onto an unconscious looking man. Jason reached down and heaved the unconscious man on board, while Jack helped Chris. "I figured if we were just gonna kill them, might as well make use of what we can get, eh?" Chris said. "Hey, it just occurred to me, but... Where are we going anyway?" Jason asked. "Well... I have no clue actually." Chris answered

Jason woke up the next morning and looked at the tied up prisoner. Suddenly he realized they weren't rocking back and forth anymore. He looked behind him and saw that he was staring down the barrel of two pistols pointing straight at him. The man on the right holding a pistol had a scar running down from his face to his chest. The man on the left had stitches all over his face which made him look almost inhuman. "Um guys? You may want to wake up." Jason said over his shoulder. He heard movement behind him and knew that Chris and Jack had just woken up.

"Get up slowly." Scar said. Jason did as he was told. "Now walk off of the boat." Scar said again. Jason walked off the boat and moved to the right of Scar. "Go grab the tied up one." Scar said to Stitches. "Now, how did you find this island, nobody except his Excellency, Ruank, and us, are supposed to know about it..." Scar said when everyone was out of the boat. "We just found it, we didn't know about it. But what's here that's so special?" Chris asked. "Nothing of course." Scar replied.

"Oh then if it's nothing then I guess we can just... NOW!!!!" Chris yelled. Jack pulled out his pistol and shot Scar and Stitches both in the head, while Chris kicked them both in the gut. Before either of them even hit the ground, they were both dead. "Well that was easier then I thought it would be..." Chris said, "Anyway, let's check out what they were hiding." "Hey, why am I tied up?" The prisoner asked. "Oh, and before I forgot..." Chris said. He grabbed their captive and knocked him out. "Ok, let's get going." Chris said while walking towards the jungle of the island.

Chris lead the way up the mountain. "I think I can see something at the top." Chris said over his shoulder. "Great..." Jason said almost out of breath, "Could someone carry me up the rest of the way? I think I'm about to pass out..." "Just keep going, Jason. I'm sure you'll make it the rest of the way." Jack told him. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Jason kept asking.

"SHUT UP!!!!!" Chris and Jack yelled at Jason in unison. "Ok... I can take a hint..." Jason said, "I don't need to be yelled at by both of you..." "Are we sure he's the one?" Chris whispered to Jack. "Yes... But hey, we can always glue his mouth closed." Jack whispered back. "You know I can hear you two right?" Jason asked them. "Yep. We just choose to ignore that fact." Jack said, looking back with a smirk. "Hey, I can see something. It looks like... A temple?" Chris said. All three of them looked at each other.

"I bet I can get there before you two!" Jason said, running past both of them towards the temple. Jack and Chris just shook their heads and walked the rest of the way up. When they reached the top they found Jason staring with his mouth open at the door of the temple. "What is it Jason?" Jack asked. Jason pointed at the door. Jack and Chris took a closer look and soon both of their mouths were open while they stared at the door. Right there, on the door, was a painting of Eso Pitri.

"You think this is where one of the pieces is?" Jason asked. Chris started walking towards the door. "Only one way to find out." Chris said. When he had trouble opening the doors, Jason and Jack moved forward to help him. When they opened the door, one of the pieces of Eso Pitri was right in front of them. Jack stopped Jason from going to get it. "It's probably booby trapped. Allow me." Jack said pulling out his pistol. He shot at one of the tiles, then jumped on it. Then he shot at another one in front of him and jumped on it.

He shot another tile in front of him, but this time something happened, an array of arrows passed over the tile. Jack shot the tile beside it and nothing happened, so he moved to it. Jack shot one last tile and moved onto it, he reached out and grabbed the piece then moved back the way he had went in. "Well that was easy." Jack said once he was out of the temple. Jason looked into the temple. "Hey... What's that orange stuff coming out of the Podium?" Jason asked. "It looks like... Lava! The piece must have been holding it back!!" Jack said.

"We should probably run then... What do you think Jason? Jason??" Chris said looking around. They looked at the way that they had come up and saw Jason running like a madman. "Well that's good enough for me." Chris said beginning to run down the volcano. When they all reached the boat they all grabbed an oar and began to paddle. When they had rowed so far away that they could barely see the island, they saw the volcano erupt. "That was close..." Chris said. "Yeah. But you have to admit, it does look beautiful watching it erupt." Jason said.

They watched the volcano erupt for two hours until it stopped. "We should probably go to the rendezvous spot now." Jack said. He pulled out a compass, looked at it, then said while putting it back, "Looks like all we have to do is turn around in our seats then begin rowing because right now it's directly behind us." "Great." Chris said while turning around in his seat. After an hour or so of rowing it began to get dark. "How come we always forget to bring a lamp?" Chris asked Jack.

"Because I asked you to get one last time we put the boat back and you forgot." Jack told him. "Oh... Well you should know by now I forget things." Chris said. "Wait a minute guys... Is it just me, or is that a light up ahead?" Jason asked. "It's not just you. We're here." Jack said. They rowed until they were stopped by the shore. Jack led the way up a ladder onto the deck. "Who goes there?" A shadowy figure said. "Chris Swordbones, Jack Pistol, and Jason Yelloweagle." Chris said. "What took you all so long?" Jarod asked coming into the lamplight.

"Oh, just this." Jason said showing the piece they had found. "So that's why the piece we had was moving so much..." Jarod said taking the piece, "I'll just go attach this to the other piece, you all go get some sleep." Jason, Jack, and Chris, nodded and went to their cabins. When Jason reached his, he dove into his bed and instantly fell asleep.

Chapter 7 ~ The Secret

The next morning Jarod had called Jason, down to the vault. "Great, you're here." Jarod said when Jason arrived, "Now, did you experience anything, strange yesterday while you were holding onto the piece?" "Um... Nope. Well... There was this one moment when it was around midday, and it suddenly was close to night, but I must have dozed off." "You didn't doze off Jason. The piece you found has Nodeak's powers. She's the goddess of time, so that lapse you had, was you traveling through time." Jarod told him.

Jason looked at the two pieces. "Visions, and time. Great combination..." Jason said. "Yes... Well as you can see, both pieces are pointing in two directions. So that means they both point to a separate piece. And that one, I'm afraid, is pointing to Ruank's Castle..." Jarod told him. "How could he have found one?" Jason asked. "Well as you know, he had already found Nodeak's piece, he must have found the others before us, and chosen to hide Zopias' piece with himself." Jarod answered. "Who's Zopias?" Jason asked. "He's the god of nature.

he controls the basics are earth, water, fire, air, lightning, metal, and everything originating from them." Jarod told him. "So he has the power over everything?" Jason said nervously. "Not exactly. Without the other pieces the powers come and go at random, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for up to a minute." Jarod answered. "Well then... How come we haven't been killed already?" Jason asked him. "I believe his powers diminish whenever he tries to use it. It saps his immortality. He only uses it for matters near him, I can't imagine how

much it would take out of him if he used it to try and take us out." Jarod said, "Jason, why are you doing that?" "Doing what?" Jason asked looking down at his hands. He then realized he was flipping the two pieces of Eso Pitri around in his hands. Jason put the pieces back on the pedestal and put his hands in his pockets. "So have we already started for the third piece?" Jason asked. "Yes. We have also sent some spies on the lookout for where Ruank keeps the last piece. Depending on where it is, we're preparing for a full scale invasion on Ruank's castle." Jarod

told him. Jason nodded, "Anything else I need to know?" "Oh yes, thank you for reminding me. You will begin training to use a sword in a few days." Jarod told him. "How?" Jason asked. "With a stick." Jarod told him. "Sounds good to me." Jason said.

"You have to move constantly, your opponent must never know your next move." Chris instructed Jason as he advanced. Jason suddenly tried to go for Chris's rib cage. But Chris blocked it barely moving. After hours of a back and forth between the two, Jason's strength began to wane. Suddenly Chris went for an opening in Jason's defense, and hit him hard in the side. Falling on the floor Jason looked up at Chris. "You wore yourself out before you even had a clear opening. Your opponent will wait, learning how you move.

"You cannot let that happen, either make an opening, or wait for them to wear themselves out." Chris told him lending him a hand. Jason held at his side. "You didn't have to hit so hard." Jason said. Chris looked at him with a mildly bemused smile, "If I'm not going to hit you 100%, then you'll become soft. You cannot have a weakness like that." Jason nodded and walked towards the door. "Where do you think you're going?" Chris asked. "Training's over, isn't it?" Jason said to Chris. Suddenly Chris started laughing. "We've only just begun." He said calming down.

Jason groaned and picked up his stick once more. "You know you're going to kill me with all this training." Jason told him. "Well then let's start digging you grave." Chris said beginning the attack once more.

"So I'm guessing training didn't go so well?" Keira asked as she held a slab of meat on Jason's eye. "Oh, great. I just got all these from a tough group of rats." Jason told her smugly. Suddenly Bill shrieked. "Where?!?!!?!?" He asked in a high pitched voice. "If I remember correctly... right under your chair." Jason told him. Suddenly Bill are screaming and running out of the room. "You don't have to be so mean to him." Keira said putting a little more pressure on the slab of meat. "That's how we are though, I get him, and he never gets me back."

Jason told her, "It's the way of life..." "Well you can keep your way of life to yourself." Keira said. "So you're saying you'd rather not live? But then you wouldn't have the greatest joy of anything!" Jason said. "And what is that?" Keira asked. "Knowing me, of course." Jason replied "Ha ha ha, yeah right. Knowing you is like the worst pain of anything..." Keira said giving Jason the slab of meat to hold. "So you're going to leave me in my greatest hour of need? For shame Keira..." "I'm going to go get you something to eat, unless you'd rather eat that meat." Keira said.

"No no, you go do that." Jason replied quickly. While Keira was gone Jason suddenly felt the urge to sleep. Jason yawned, when he opened his eyes he saw that a eerie darkness was beginning to surround him. He yelped and tried to get away from it, but it was too late, it had surrounded him completely. Jason shut his eyes quickly so he knew if he was looking or not, when he opened them he realized he was in the castle again with Ruank. "What do you want." Jason tried to say, but the words didn't sound. "You know the rules." Ruank said chuckling.

"You're going for the third piece, I hear. You'll never be able to find it. Especially now that I can almost calculate when I have the power of... This." Ruank said, showing the piece of Eso Pitri. "You are all just pawns in my game, every move you make is because I want you to." Ruank told Jason. Suddenly Jason began to wonder, if he was brought here, could he bring something else back with him? Jason realized Ruank was still talking, so he made his move. Jason ran towards Ruank and grabbed the piece. "What are you doing!" Ruank said surprised.

Suddenly Jason ripped the piece from Ruank. "I don't think so boy..." Ruank said. A circle made of a what seemed like dark clouds began to surround them as Ruank once again gained hold of the piece. As what seemed like hours passed, Jason and Ruank stayed in a gridlock with the piece, inside of the cloud circle. Suddenly Jason felt a surge of power. As he looked at Ruank he knew he felt the same power. The piece of Eso Pitri had come alive. Recalling what he had learned about the piece, Jason waited for Ruank to make his move.

Suddenly lightning bolts began to shoot out of the clouds. Before they could reach Jason they stopped and went upwards. Breathing heavily Jason realized Ruank had used more power then him. Ripping it out of Ruank's clutches, Jason broke free from the circle. Wondering how to get back to the Rusistance's ship, Jason felt something touch his shoulder. He whipped around prepared to give the beating of a life time to Ruank, but there was no one there. Suddenly he realized it must be someone still on the ship. Jason looked at the circle.

When he was sure Ruank was still inside it, he began to concentrate about waking up. He heard movement coming from the circle, and shut his eyes, trying to concentrate even more. Unknown to Jason, Ruank began to walk unsteadily towards him. He was within arms reach now. As Ruank reached forward to grab the piece... Jason disappeared. Jason suddenly heard someone call his name, when he opened his eyes he realized it had been Kiera. Jason slowly looked down at his hands. They were empty. "No! I was so close!" Jason said angrily. "Close to what?" Keira asked.

"Close to having the forth piece!" Jason replied, still a little angry at himself. "What do you mean 'close to having the forth piece'?" Keira said. "Ruank summoned me again, and I tried to bring back the piece, but he must have gotten it back just before I left." Jason said glumly. "The things that happen when I'm not around..." Keira mumbled to herself. "What?" Jason asked her. "Nothing." Keira answered quickly. "Do you know how close we are to the third piece?" Jason said.

To be continued...</div></div>

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