From the desk of Basily Galifizois Brawlmonk

By decree of emergency plans drafted by me and the council of SPARTANS warfare. We have decided due to " the fruits" current ascent, to reform and make the military stronger than ever. The new plan is to be prepared if pears attacks, with the recent rearing of world wars ugly head. The major world powers Spain and England are at it again. Pears will most likely be after us next. This is just in case of the likely probability of POTCO World War 2. We have started new training programs. We have a long way to go but we shall try. Celtic Outlaws recently merged into SPARTANS, which gives another expirenced general to us. SPARTANS has been restoring Savvys Academy which is almost at 500. And the new side guild Spartans Saavy V which has 110 so far. Many other new assassins have been hired, many new reforms to the SPARTANS Naval force. We have hired many new admirals to serve under our flag and many new ships have been added to are fleet also the amount of new gunners is great. SPARTANS expects to have the military program running stronger than ever before world war can strike. - Lord Basil Brawlmonk

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