A mysterious scrap of paper, appearing hastily written, was found in Antama server in the log cabin of Wildwoods. The cabin was ravaged and burning with a strange glowing body, a skeleton with a cutlass, several undead surrounding the house, that could not be agroed, as well as ten dead EITC officers. The rights to the letter are being disputed by absolutely nobody, and it is has been burned at the Noob Academy. Three months later, the same letter was found on the beaches of Rumrunner's isle with six harnessed sharks, a schoolbus full of terrified lithuanian children, six thousand Indian rupees, a strip of land a couple of meters away that looked like a nuclear blast had been condensed into 1 foot, a shotgun, a dead horse that may or may not have been a pegasus, six scales shined like diamond, the Christopher Nolan batman trilogy, and a map that looked like it led to Chuck Norris's place of buisness. edited to contain a much smaller message.

A copy of the Original Letter:


I return. I whisper within the darkness.


P.S. Yeah, It's just larengitis. I sound like... nevermind.


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