A mysterious scrap of paper, appearing hastily written, was found in Antama server in the log cabin of Wildwoods. The cabin was ravaged and burning with a strange glowing body and several undead surrounding the house, that could not be agroed, as well as ten EITC officers. The rights to the letter are being disputed by absolutely nobody, and it is due to be burned at Noob Academy.

A copy of the Original Letter:

The Final Will and Testament of Jay Brightsun, last of the righteous EITC

Will, Nicholas, Bill, My Friends,

I cannot talk for long. EITC have surrounded the house. The magical wards I have placed around the house are weakening, and if you read this, i will most likely be dead. If you are to listen, let it be now.

I cannot be sure if you have been enslaved by Samuel, or have been victorious. But sense tells me the war still rages. I must release my Life's work, my final secret of magic that perhaps may give you an edge over Sam. To use it, you must use your dolls to control those with weak minds. Attach your dolls spirits to them, take them off (This will agroe them) and repeat on the next. You can acquire a true army with this;.>,th.breachefd th ouse

Mm... sorry about that. Wards have failed. The butler is somehow fending the dogs off. I never did know much about his personal life.

It probably would do to have a healer if you wanted a serious guard.

I leave Deloi to Nick. Lorias has generously allowed me to give his blade to Will Daggerskull. I leave my research in Noobolgy, Fuego Importing and my designs to Edgar Wildrat. And finally, I leave what was once my house to Charlotte Darkcrash. And

You can do this guys. Don't Give up hope. Ever.

I make my final stand at dawn.


P.S. Let no one ever know i was actually this dramatic.

P.S.S I have the strangest feeling about reincarnation... mm, stuff like that gets into your head when you're about to die I suppose. Probably nothing.

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