The Maiden Voyage
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The Maiden Voyage is a movie written by Lord Matthew Blastshot and Jack Pistol and is produced by La Mafia Productions. It tells the story of the events of the HMS Victus and her Faithful Maiden Voyage. On March 30, 1760 the HMS Victus began her maiden voyage bound for The American Colonies. Passangers of the ship included The Daughter of Lord Matthew Blastshot, , Princess Amelia Augustus of England, Admiral James Thomas of the Royal Navy, the Ships Designer John Newton, the Ships Constructor James Adams, his wife Jane Adams, and Lord Cornelius Hardy and Captain Anthony Smith . The Ship also held over 500 lower class passangers. Including the poor Son of Jackson Pistol, Christoper Jack Pistol. Victoria was engaged to be Married to Lord Cornelius Hardy arranged by her Father. Victoria believe going to America was as if she was going to a Prison. While aboard the ship Isabella and Christoper shared a deep love. A forbidden love aboard a doomed ship.


Isabella Elizabeth Victoria Faye ~ Open

Christopher Jack Pistol ~ Open

Princess Amelia Augustus ~ Open

Admiral James Thomas ~ Open

John Newton ~ Open

James Adams ~ Open

Lord Cornelius ~ Open

Ms. Wadsworth

Captain Anthony Smith ~ Open

First Mate Sydney Jones ~ Open

Jane Adams ~ Open

Crew Members ~ Several

Master at Arms ~ Open

Ship's Police ~ Several

Steerage ~ Several

First Officer ~ Open

Second Officer ~ Open

Third Officer ~ Open

Fourth Officer ~ Open

Fifth Officer ~ Johnny Coaleaston

Lord Jackson Pistol ~ Open

Lord Matthew Blastshot ~ Open

Note: More Characters will come as we Begin writting

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