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The Luigis are the most abundant and loyal goons of La Mafia. They are all related and their family name is in fact Luigi and their first names differ, but they are commonly referred to as Luigi. It is estimated that there over 200 Luigis in La Mafia.

Luigis are one of three types of goons in La Mafia. The other two are the Louis and Antonios. The Luigis are used mainly as bodyguards for the high ranking members of La Mafia, as assassins, spies or general goons. While the Louis are used to do work in the business parts of La Mafia and the Antonios are used for committing crimes.

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Luigis were once petty criminals operating small thefts until the Island Authorities arrested almost all of them. La Mafia destroyed the prison and in return the Luigis became their goons. The Luigis are masters in camouflage and assassination. Every Godfather and Don has a Luigi as a bodyguard.

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Typically, a Luigi's weapon of choice would be a body bag. That can not do too much damage so they are also known to carry a knife, which can be found sheathed in a hidden pocket under their shirt or in a special strap on their leg. For long range attacks they have their pistols and of course a pouch of throwing knives.

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