The Lost Weapons of Etienne are a lost stash of weapons. Similar to El Patrons lost weapons but, it was discovered by a Frenchman and not a Spaniard. These weapons are very powerful and have been protected on a secret island known as Hole Deep.


In Europe, every county needed to be more powerful than the other in order to be the leader. So, a group of French musketeers made an expedition to the carribean with a wealthy captain, Pierre Le Porc. Le Porc soon founded Ile
French musketeers

French Musketeers

d'Etable de Porc (Island of the Porc). The musketeers became Le Porcs first soldiers. But, Garcia De Avarica had already calimed his own island.

The group of musketeers had decided to find more land for Le Porc. They searched the seas for a long time until they discovered Hole Deep. They went on it and found a sunken cave. Beyond the cave was a sunken city with ghosts in it. beyond that was the weapons of Etienne. They needed to be taken and claimed for Le Porc.

But, the musketeers knew they couldn't bring them to Le Porc. The weapons were to powerful for him to handle. Only the true of heart could use them. So, the musketeers guarded them with other pirates who believed the weapons should be kept where they were. Theives have tried to steal them, but all have failed.

Currently Known Weapons

  1. Une Eppe de Mort
  2. Arme a Fue de Venin
  3. Vaudou Poupee de Guerriers
  4. Poignard de L'abattage
  5. Eppe de Flamme
  6. Maudit Personnel de L'obscurite
  7. Cinq Pistolet Canon
  8. L'épée Perdue de Etienne
  9. Eppe Incapacitant
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