The Beginning

Captain William Daggerskull was the GuildMaster of the 2 month old Guild, The Liberty Empire. He met a friend at Cuba and started the Liberty Empire, the old friend was Henry Calicomorgan. He had alot of problems with starting up the Guild, the first one was the name. They tried 'Pirates of Liberty', but they didn't like it so Henry suggested 'The Liberties', Will didn't really like it. The next day, the Liberty Empire was suggested by Henry, they both LOVED the idea and then, 'The Liberty Empire' was born! This is the story of her begining...

Will felt powerfully embraced. Henry told Will that he was a born leader, and they both trusted in each other very much. First, they got some members: Pirate, EITC, and Navy alike. (They accepted all sorts of people, but then Henry didn't trust the EITC members.) Then, they spoke out the truth, the truth was sadly never put into action. Then, they made an Alliance, The Liberty Alliance. It consisted of 3 GuildMasters: paranoid Tom Wildfitte, intellectual and reasonable Samuel Creststeel, and the more...... psychotic type William Stormvane. They all were friendly until one day, Tom Wildfitte thought someone was a Spy in his Guild and either Will, William, or Samuel put them in there. The next day, Tom almost declared War. Then, Samuel left Casa De Banditos and joined United Empire. The only guild in the alliance left were Will's and William's... Will knew his Guild might die and so did William Stormvane shortly after. The Liberty Alliance was no more. Will put his Guild down to die.

In memory of 'The Liberty Empire'.

May she be brought back some-day

A note from Tom Wildfitte

AHOY! It has been far to long! Sadly Tom Wildfitte is no more. but his new player Jean Le'fitte is just getting started! If you want Liberty Empire back so much I am obliged to help. I can resurrect the Tortuga Militia at any time. Savvy? Now I shall do so at the simplest request. Savvy? Now. Idk how long it will take to get us up and running, but i got good men ready to join me in a flash, copy? now just post on here your response and we will do as you wish.

Fondest Regards,

Jean Le'fitte