The Last Crusade was the name of a great battle fought between two of the most experienced forces. The brave warriors traveled to hell and back to defeat anyone in their way. I was one of these combatants.

We huddled around our fallen general in a last remembrance of him. Our weapons cast aside us, and the roll of thunder booming behind us. We had to be prepared as the enemy was coming forward us, and fast. "Alright," I said, "We have to win this battle. This will be put in the books of pirate lore and the halls of glory. Do not shoot until they look at you with the whites of their evil wretched ey-" I wasn't able to finish my short speech as a enemy was about to run me through. Looking at him I saw he was my own blood. The brother I had followed through the mists of battle, and the brother I had never betrayed.&nbsp "Why do you fight?" He asked looking me in the face as our swords clashed." You could have spared our family the shame of your defeat, of your failure, the shame of your cowardly blood soaking the ground and my blade!" My brother said emotionally.&nbsp "To rid the bad, and the evil of this world!" I replied thrusting at him. We remarked each other's faults and battled until I had him on his knees his sword behind me. "Do it, kill me." Hs said.&nbsp "You may be evil, but I will never kill my brother" I replied.&nbsp "Then don't, you...!" My furious brother replied.&nbsp "No! Will! I don't want to kill you!" I said as he began standing up.&nbsp "DIE!" He shouted using his voodoo to pull his sword at me. I jumped it as it entered his chest. He looked at me weakly and took two steps back walking over the edge of a rock cliff and falling into the deep black waters his blood staining the rock.

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