The Kidnapping of Lord Diplomat Matthew O'malley
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It was a quiet evening, Lord Diplomat O'malley was heading to speak with his son, Matthew Jr.! Matthew Sr. was outraged that his son defected from the family. He finds his son standing outside the Port Royal clothing merchant with some familiar faces. His son's friends automatically berate O'malley Sr. for showing up. He calls one of them out for having the views of a red pig. His son comes to and orders his father to leave his presence, and Senior refuses. His son and the latters friends spot some mean-looking men advancing on the area and they take off running. Matthew Sr. begins slowly losing his senses while being dragged off to an unknown location.

Lord Diplomat O'malley awakens, after an unknown amount of time, to the mumblings of what sounds like, two Spainish men. They notice him having just woken up, and the one man hits him right to the jaw. The other man begins asking O'malley questions, but he responds: "I don't understand you! Speak English!". The interrogator then informs O'malley that he will never see the light of day for his response. Both the men storm out of the cellar, and Matthew can hear it being locked. Suddenly, O'malley passes out. A good fortnight later, he comes to and hears a outburst taking place a floor above. The fight seems to be between a Spanish woman and an English man. Just then, the cellar door breaks apart from a body impacting it, it's the woman. She seems petite and unable to handle a fight. The Englishman swoops down to her.

"Listen, Captain Soma...", screams the man, being cut off.

"I beg of you it's Grace.", pleads the woman.

"Whatever! If anyone hears that I was involved, especially Breasly, YOU'RE DEAD!", roars the man.

"Please, don't hurt me!", begs the woman.

"Your begging like a dog? You are not even worth my time. I will let you rot down here with O'malley!", snarls the man.

Matthew watches the woman get tied up, and gets a glimpse at the man, who is none other than Viceroy Matthew Blastshot.

"M-M-Matthew?", asks O'malley.

"Shut up! You should have stepped down when I told you!", barked Matthew the Ripper.

Blastshot finished tying the woman up and left the cellar. An explosion went off and the building collapsed onto the cellar, trapping the two captives. O'malley, being trained for these situations, found a broken pillar and used it to cut himself free. He then helped the woman free from her chair. They worked their way out of the blocked off cellar. After getting out, they found they were on a deserted island believing it to be a broken off section of Padre del Fuego. They swam away from the island towards familiar land, and found Tortuga. When they got on land, they parted ways, the woman going to look for Paradox officers, and Matthew to look for revenge.

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