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"Ascendance is Inevitable."


Above: Lord Marr addresses a crowd of Chiss in Astros City.

Imperial Commandos 03

<p class="nationranktext" style="text-align: center;">(click me) <p class="nationranktext" style="text-align: center;"> <p style="text-align: center;">The Interplanetary Magocracy of The Chiss Descendancy is a huge, environmentally stunning nation, renowned for its public floggings, ubiquitous missile silos, and absence of drug laws. The hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical, humorless population of 583 million Chiss are kept under strict control by the oppressive government, which measures its success by the nation's GDP and refers to individual citizens as "human resources."

The relatively small, corrupt, well-organized government juggles the competing demands of Defense, Law & Order, and Education. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of New Adasta. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 30.4%.

The very strong Chiss economy, worth 66.6 trillion Shadow Medallions a year, is broadly diversified and led by the Information Technology industry, with major contributions from Tourism, Arms Manufacturing, and Trout Farming. Black market activity is frequent. Average income is an impressive 114,231 Shadow Medallions, but there is a significant disparity between incomes, with the richest 10% of citizens earning 398,025 per year while the poor average 23,869, a ratio of 16.7 to 1.

Reports of arson have doubled since the introduction of a privatised fire protection service, the workforce is almost entirely made up of slave labour, assault rifles sized for 7-year-olds are a frighteningly popular export, and one-stop superstores divide and conquer family businesses. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a capable police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. The Chiss Descendancy's national animal is the Woodland Massassi, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests.

The Chiss Descendancy is ranked 9th in GFW and 47,975th in the world for Safest, scoring 200.446 on the Bubble-Rapp Safety Rating. <p class="nationranktext" style="text-align: center;"> <p class="nationranktext" style="text-align: center;"> <p class="nationranktext" style="text-align: center;">

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<p style="text-align: center;">Above: Astros City, the largest Chiss settlement in the Galaxy.

<p class="nationranktext" style="text-align: center;">
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The Interplanetary Magocracy of the Chiss Descendancy leads the GFW in Cheese Exports, Retail Industry, Soda Sales, Agriculture, Rudest Citizens, Drug Use, Information Technology Sector, Manufacturing Sector, and Ritual Sacrifices. The Descendancy's remarkable economy seems to grow by 500,000,000 Shadow Medallions every day with no clear signs of stopping.

General Information

Religious Denomination

  • The Scions of the Emperor - 90.9%: Devout followers of the Emperor. Other religions and denominations are extremely disfavored and usually punishable by death.
  • Christianity (and its sects) - 6.1%: No explanation required. Usually looked down upon and shamed.
  • Atheist - 3%: No denomination.
  • Other - 1%: Buddhist, Satanist, and Jewish primarily make up this percentage.

 Political Parties

  • Imperial Loyalism - 60%: Similar to Scions of the Emperor.
  • New Adastan Visionaries - 20%: "New age," Scions.
  • Chiss Conservativism - 15%: Inspired by American right wing parties.
  • Liberal/Other/Apathetic - 5%


Emperor Bless New Adasta

The nation's ancient capital, New Adasta, is perched majestically on the continent's highest point atop Adas mountain. It is considered extremely sacred and holy by nearly all citizens and the Government, and as such entrance is highly regulated. Many buildings and cathedrals are completely restricted from civillian access. It is unknown what lies inside these ancient halls.

Devotion to the Chiss Emperor Above All

The Chiss Descendancy's population is notable for its bloodthirsty tendencies, undying devotion to the mysterious Chiss Emperor, and unnaturally high intelligence. To serve their merciful Emperor, all Chiss citizens are rewarded with a handsome reward for every blood sacrifice they make in his name. Human sacrifices are encouraged, so long as they do not exceed the daily quota to ensure maximum population and spritual wellbeing equally. A massive sacrifice on a continental scale is constantly speculated to be in the works, as many "Prophets of the Chiss Emperor," frequently warn the nation's citizens and their families to prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice to complete the Chiss Emperor's ascendance. The cardinal belief within the Church of the Emperor is that once his mortal mission is complete, he will ascend to the afterlife, taking all of his loyal followers with him, inspiring the nation's motto. Several "death cults," not official endorsed by the Chiss Government have recently begun to appear, sacrificing hundreds of citizens daily in the name of the Chiss Emperor. A vast majority of the nation's deaths, over 30% to be exact, is credited to these death cults.

Glory to the Chiss Heroes

Renowned for its massive military, The Chiss Descendancy's military and navy are extremely heavily funded and glorified by its society and government. A top-secret orbital weapons system codenamed "SHIA," is suspected to have been in development for over 30 years. After a freak "lifted up into the sky and vanished," incident, the Government insists the weapon system was destroyed by surface-to-air artillery, but many suspect this was merely a coverup for the apparent success of the project. The soldiers of the Chiss, usually referred to as Heroes or Servants of the Emperor are impressively decorated, sporting luxurious suits of armor with space-age design. The officers of the Chiss sport some of the military's most notable symbols, namely the nation's signature eagle insignia and Imperial Buttons.

Organized with a certain beautiful complexity, the Chiss Military ultimately answers to the influential Emperor's Wrath, one of the few within the Chiss Emperor's inner circle privileged enough to be in his direct presence. An extremely secretive and covert branch of the military exists, dubbed the Emperor's Hand by outsiders. Their job is to presumably eliminate enemies of the state - particularly those who pose a threat to the integrity to the order of the nation or those who defy the will of the Chiss Emperor himself. Like the Emperor's Wrath, the Hand and its few chosen members are likely the only figures to see or even speak to the Emperor without being executed for high treason. Even so, the smallest mistake could result in a swift and painful death. Induction to the Emperor's Hand is known to be extremely grueling with a 90% mortality rate. Those who survive are reportedly required to slaughter their own families and any friends as their final test.

The Chiss Youth

Among the military and a few others, education is one of the most highly regarded and funded aspects of society. The Chiss youth are treated to some of Andaba's greatest classrooms and most qualified teachers, striving to create a calm yet effective environment. Students are trained to be extremely eloquent and charismatic from an extremely young age, while developing numerous practical skills and being taught how to apply them. Students who do not meet intellectual standards are often exterminated or rehabilited. In addition, students are taught to regard the Chiss Emperor as their ultimate and perfect leader, and not to see him as more just a political figure, but a God among men worthy of killing and dying for. Despite this, Chiss youth are constantly reminded to be critical and skeptical, but to always remain loyal to their one true Emperor.

Students begin formal military training as they begin to mature should they meet educational standards. If they receive sufficient grades that meet the Descendancy's standards for citizenship, they will begin instruction on official military procedures, military branches and ranks, and combat skills. If intellect standards are not met by 17, the minimum age for military training, basic educational instruction will continue as long as necessary until standards are met. By the approximate age of 20, if students meet both educational and military standards, compulsory military service will begin for at least one year. Most students will be inducted into the information and intelligence branches - only a small number actually being taken into combat or defense situations, though a minimal amount of combat service is requires to graduate. Once the year of service is complete, the student will have the option to return to their families or continue their service in the military where they will be formally orientated into their branch of proficiency.

Respect to the Massassi

The national animal of the Descendancy, the Emperor Massassi, is sentient to a point, even inspiring several internal uprisings "some time vaguely long ago." However, in recent years signs of intelligence among the species are all but completely diminished. It is unknown what caused this sudden dulling. A majority of the Massassi population is now confined to small "tribes." Massassi specimens banished or separated from their tribes are usually captured and sold by hunters for profit, though this is outlawed and punishable to the fullest extent.

The Divine Being, The Perfect Being

Ruling the entirety of the Chiss Descendancy quietly and from the shadows but carrying more influence and inspiring more fear than any other is the mighty Chiss Emperor. According to the preachings of the many Prophets of the Adasta, the Chiss Emperor has lived for thousands of years, jumping from body to body and living and dying as needed. This mysterious and all-powerful figure is said to lack a true name because the mere utterance of it could shatter continents. He is said to possess otherworldly powers learned from the culmination of a millennia's worth of studying. Some scholars claim that in the very early years of the Descendancy, when it was referred to as the "Ascendancy," the Emperor was a common sight, often appearing at operas and even leading his devoted soldiers into glorious battle. However, after several revolutions, he became something of a recluse, his presence still apparent but nonetheless unseen.

Though he himself remains invisible, his word carries more weight than any other. His direct commands are executed without question by the Emperor's Hand and the Wrath, the key figures within the Descendancy below the Emperor himself. These groups that directly serve him are said to share a small fraction of his dark magic powers. No true physical description or even confirmed attire exists, though his hypothetical image is often displayed atop cities in holographic form, appearing as a sort of "all-seeing eye," watching over his devotees. Presently, the Prophets of the Adasta claim the Chiss Emperor resides in the Dark Temple, a massive citadel and the oldest and largest religious chapel in the entire Chiss Descendancy.

Ascension Soldiers

Obediently following the direct orders from the Malices (an individual city's military commander who functions as a pseudo-general) are the valiant footsolders of the Chiss Descenancy: the Ascension Soldiers. Equipped with a high-tech suit of armor that is designed to seamlessly adapt to any environment, Ascenscion Soldiers function like efficient killing machines performing at top efficiency no matter the situation. In addition to their adaption armor, each soldier goes into every battle armed with an array of lethal chemical weapons designed to target their enemies' genes to inflict extremely painful and accelerated degradation, a small arsenal of weaponized gases, and their standard issue high-precision machine gun.

Ascension Soldiers are trained to follow the Avatars of the Emperor fearlessly into battle, trusting it with their life and with good merit.

The Avatars of the Emperor

Leading the charge into any battle of specific importance to the Chiss Emperor is the pride of the entire Descendancy - the technological marvels dubbed The Avatars of the Emperor. Composed of several feet of titanium armor and capable of seamless flight, the Avatars are also equipped with an array of dozens of weapons designed specifically to kill humans and their creations. They have three primary modes: Termination, Property Damage, and Annihilation, the last being of unseen and unspeakable destruction. Another model of the Avatars exist, being the Prime Avatars of the Emperor - superior to their more common model in every way. Only three Prime Avatars are known to exist. Over 500 standard models have been created and deployed with dozens more being manufactured daily.

The Star Chamber (Operation SHIA)


As Above, So Below (The Chiss Armada)

Perhaps even more frightening than the seemingly endless "Army of Shadows," is the all-consuming Chiss Armada, comprised of thousands of battleships, dreadnoughts, and other classes designed to dominate both the skies, the sea, and space. Used primarily to effortlessly ward off invasions, the Chiss Armada experiences little to no resistance from its ruthless onslaught.

Above: the highly trained and highly equipped Chiss Navymen.

CA Mk.III Juggernaut-class Dreadnought

The pride of the Armada, the Juggernaut is a monster of a vessel designed to lead lesser warships into battle. Equipped with a myriad of deadly weapons like ion cannons, heat signature missiles, and deployable war drones, the Juggernaut is a symbol of imminent death, despair, and defeat for any enemies of the Descendancy.

The Juggernaut's greatest weapon is the Silencer, a device consisting of a rapidly recharging megalaser that could fairly easily be mounted on a Dreadnought. The weapon dubbed the "fleet killer," because it had the speed and firepower to destroy numerous enemy ships in rapid succession. Due to this, the Silencer is considered the Descendancy's greatest defensive and offensive weapon, bar perhaps the mysterious Star Chamber (Operation SHIA.)

Active Juggernauts: 104

CA Mk.1 Sentinel-class Guardian

Of a somewhat less intimidating design than the Juggernaut, the Sentinel nonetheless has the equally important objective of keeping the skies of the Descendancy safe. Usually accompanied by a squadron of typical fighters, the Sentinel regularly patrols the skies above the most important Chiss cities and on occasion will be seen patrolling more remote areas. Though equipped with a powerful array of weapons, the Sentinel's primary tool is its space-age radar and tracking system, used to relay warnings of attack to the Capital.

Active Sentinels: 1,019

CA Mk.VI Tyrant-class Destroyer

Usually seen accompanying Juggernauts, the Tyrants are the most common embodiment of Chiss supremacy. Though much smaller than Juggernauts, Tyrants are designed to deliver the most damage in the least amount of time while maintaining impeccable speed. They are equipped with hundreds of laser turrets, concussion missiles, and turbolaser cannons, some even possessing miniature Silencer devices.

Active Tyrants: 864

CA Mk.IV Sun Razer-class Fighter

Seen all around the world in staggering numbers, the Sun Razers are the most commonplace Chiss crafts and are often used to great efficiency, effectively swarming their targets in a flurry of destruction and calculated chaos. Each Sun Razer is equipped with two turbolaser cannons and several concussion missiles.

Active Sun Razers: 29,643

CA Mk.II Ascendant Spear-class Bomber

The counterpart of the much faster Sun Razers, Ascendant Spears are much more sluggish and slow in speed but possess much higher firepower as bombers. They will usually allow Sun Razers to deal the initial damage to targets before swooping in and finishing the job. Beside this example, it is a common practice for Spears and Razers to work in tandem to maximize pain.

Active Ascendant Spears: 13,375

Imperial Intelligence Knows No Bounds

The most covert branch of the Chiss Army of Shadows is known as Imperial Intelligence, a ruthless collection of spies, double agents, assassins, political saboteurs, and military operatives. Imperial Intelligence operates outside of typical military authority, though they have been known to have a hand in several Chiss victories, though their primary objective is to assassinate high ranking enemy politicians or botch foreign elections in Chiss favor. In fact, many Chiss victories are won via Imperial Intelligence inspiring internal uprisings within enemy factions, essentially defeating them from the inside. This tactic has inspired a legacy fear, distrust, and paranoia within enemy ranks.



"The Star Chamber," the product of over 3 decades of progress on Operation Shia.

Political Structure

Head of State

The Chiss Emperor

Head of Government

The Blue Council

Legislative Branch

The Blue Council

Supreme Military Commander

The Emperor's Wrath

Military Council

Imperial Enforcers

Imperial Officers (second)

Head of Religion

The Chiss Emperor

Religious Inquisition

The Emperor's Hand


The Emperor's Voices

Individual City Leaders

The Regional Managaer

Individual City Military Commanders

The Malices

Occupied Planets/Territories

Italic - Partially Controlled

Bold - Completely Controlled

  • Earth (only its native region and several embassies)
  • Piiv ( inhosipitable moon)
  • Ascium (inhospitable moon)
  • Netren (inhospitable planet)
  • Vograr (rebellion in progress)
  • Prayzola (rebellion in progress)
  • XG-447 (newly discovered)
  • Uslon (newly discovered)
  • Astros (major trade and military planet)
  • Alduin
  • Zalus (moon)
  • Porus
  • Plaolia
  • Helghast
  • Empyrea
  • Ansil
  • Smaug (moon)
  • Ethil
  • Oricon (moon)
  • Molag

No Chiss moons currently have provinces. Hospitability levels measure Chiss species survivability, which is roughly identical to humans (Earth = 10/10).


Due to The Chiss Descendancy not posessing any technical provinces on Earth, places listed below are merely cities. The Chiss controlled continent on Earth is dubbed Dawnguard.

New Adasta

With a history dating back thousands of years, New Adasta was first founded by a precursor race, the highly civillized descendants of the modern Chiss named after their original homeland they were forced to leave. In New Adasta, this precursor race established chapel among chapel and monastery upon monastery, all massive and beautiful works of art devoted to the worship of their sole ruler - their one true God and merciful divine, the being known only as the Chiss Emperor. New Adasta is perched atop the nation's absolute highest point, overlooking a valley of surface storms and spikes of black ice.

Estimated population: 20,400,000

Ziost citadel Book of Siths


A bustling port town with a slightly higher population than the nation's capital of New Adasta, Aecorus is renowned for its beautiful beaches of snow and lively ports, which make for excellent tourist destinations. Remarkably, this town and its surrounding waters are the only places in the Descendancy where criminals are occasionally pardoned from their crimes and given Letters of Marque, which permit them to use their skills to combat the high amount of pirates in the area. Chiss Privateers are paid extravagantly and are looked up to as local heroes. Aecorus and its nearby Zomian ocean waters are kept at a stable temperature by a complex system of underwater vents that utilize the region's underwater volcanic activity. These systems likely predate the city of Aecorus itself.

Estimated population: 36,500,000




The nation's largest and most industrialized city. Vader is extremely densely populated and the largest city in square miles in all of the Chiss Descendancy. A majority of the nation's jobs, income, and exports originate in Vader, causing the city to become highly populated. Citizens report a perpetual cloud of green gas and smoke hanging over the city, usually more apparent in darker hours. Volatile lightning storms are incredibly frequent. The city of Vader is almost always covered in a haze of snow, hail, and acid rain precipitation. Notably, it also has the highest military density, the headquarters of the Chiss Allied Forces being based in the heart of the city along with a myriad of sacrifice and concentration camps. In addition, the mysterious "Star Chamber," is said to make birth in a space station orbiting the city. Further whereabouts of the infamous orbital weapons system are unknown.

Estimated population: 200,000,000+

Mountains winter snow cityscapes skyline skyscrapers spaceships science fiction artwork 1920x1080 51


Planetary Information

  • Population: 100,000,000,000+
  • Terrain: Swamplike, vast and volatile oceans
  • Climate: Humid, constant lightning storms
  • Major Cities: Astros City, Greenmount, Fairfort
  • Hospitability: 10/10


Astros City

For its massive size and importance, Atros City is considered its own province. Larger than any Chiss city on Earth, Atros City is the single largest goods manufacturing city with major military influence as well. Many consider Atros City to be the true capital of The Chiss Descendancy due to the relative unimportance of New Adasta aside from religous significance.

Estimated population: 1,700,000,000+
















Planetary Information

  • Population: 5,000,000,000+
  • Terrain: Forests, lakes, massive rock mounds.
  • Climate: Sunny, rainy, cool.
  • Major Cities: Swynbridge, Rockcastle, Norham
  • Hospitability: 10/10














Planetary Information

  • Population: 10,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Barren, desert, rocky.
  • Climate: Dry, arid.
  • Major Cities: Whiteviolet, Sagecliff, Goldshade
  • Hospitability: 8/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 3,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Plains, fields.
  • Climate: Hurricanes, tornadoes, sunny.
  • Major Cities: Woodmead, Blueden, Courtmill
  • Hospitability: 9/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 36,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Volcanic, dry, naturally polluted.
  • Climate: Acid rain, firestorms, ash clouds.
  • Major Cities: Shadowyyn, Witchhill, Oldrose.
  • Hospitability: 4/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 17,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Floating islands, suspended rock mounds.
  • Climate: Statically quiet and sunny, carbon clouds.
  • Major Cities: Maplehollow, Woodsilver, Hedgekeep.
  • Hospitability: 1/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 5,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Earthlike.
  • Climate: Unstable.
  • Major Cities: Faymarsh, Springlock, Misthall.
  • Hospitability: 7/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 52,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Dark forests, green oceans, decomposed jungles.
  • Climate: Cold, unchanging.
  • Major Cities: Esterwitch, Icecrest, Eastway.
  • Hospitability: 6/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 67,000,000
  • Terrain: Scattered islands, expansive ash piles and continents.
  • Climate: Deadly hurricanes and typhoons.
  • Major Cities: None
  • Hospitability: 0.5/10













Planetary Information

  • Population: 40,000,000
  • Terrain: Massive roofed forests and continent-spanning lakes and rivers.
  • Climate: Sunny.
  • Major Cities: Blackhaven
  • Hospitability: 9/10






Planetary Information

  • Population: Not counted.
  • Terrain: Sharp rock formations, decaying forests.
  • Climate: Volatile, radioactive storms.
  • Major Cities: Shadehaven
  • Hospitability: 5/10










Planetary Information

  • Population: 60,000
  • Terrain: Unknown.
  • Climate: Deadly.
  • Major Cities: None
  • Hospitability: 1/10




Planetary Information

  • Population: None (orbital control)
  • Terrain: None (gas planet)
  • Climate: Frequent storms.
  • Major Cities: None
  • Hospitability: 0/10




Uslon Provinces

Planetary Information

  • Population: 80,000,000,000
  • Terrain: Earthlike.
  • Climate: Calm.
  • Major Cities: Moorhaven, Crystalspring, Newbeach.
  • Hospitability: 10/10











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