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The Government of Switzerland is currently under rule by the Imperial Party

A letter from his majesty himself, King Yellowfish I:

Dear fellow Swiss,

    Today, we have reached a great achievement together. Following the death of my father, and fantastic rein of the Age of Exploration, we now enter a new age. With the establishment of new laws and my father's appearences in my imagination has helped me, through the past 2 months, push forward for the better of Switzerland. Together, unified as one, Switzerland enters the new, Imperial Age! Switzerland has now declared itself as an empire. Long live Switzerland! Long live the government! Long live the King!


King Yellowfish I of Switzerland 

Royal Family

250px-Medici Family - POTCO

  • King Yellowfish I (David Kroshbon)
  • Crown Prince Casey I (Casey Kroshbon)
  • Lord Alexander Kroshbon
  • Lord Richard Kroshbon
  • Lady Rose Kroshbon

Office of the Prime Minister 

  • Prime Minister - Nate Crestbreaker
  • Minister of State -  Samuel Darkwalker
  • Minister of Defense - Chris Helmshot 
  • Minister of Finance - Currently controlled by the Head of State
  • Chief Advisor - Sir Josef Grau
  • Vice Advisor - John Scotsman 

The Ministry of State

  • Advisor of State -
  • Advisor of Internal Affairs -
  • Secretary of Welfare -
  • Advsior of National Security -

The Ministry of Finance

  • Advisor of Taxes - 
  • Secretary of National Treasury -
  • Secretary of National Banking -
  • Advisor of Trade - 

The Ministry of Defense

  • Militarial Advisor - Ishmael Venables
  • Lord General of the Army - 
  • Lord Admiral of the Navy - Thomas Shipmorgan
  • Field Marshall of Special Forces - 

Department of Defense

  • Secretary of Defense - Taylor
  • Chief Advisor of Defense -


  • Minister of State - Holds power to void judge and lower lords, ultimately makes decision, though decision is persuaded by advisors. 
  • State Advisor - Advises Minister of State on their choice.
  • Judge 
  • Jury Lord Group I
  • Lord of Jury- These three positions are to act as a full jury, though their permanent job is to be the jury.
  • Lord of Jury
  • Lord of Jury
  • Jury Lord Group II
  • Lord of Jury
  • Lord of Jury
  • Lord of Jury
  • Jury Lord Group II
  • Lord of Jury
  • Lord of Jury
  • Lord of Jury
  • Defendant / Victim

Province of the Joeson

Bandicam 2013-07-23 21-07-36-724

The Province of the Joseon Dynasty is East of Swizerland in Asia, connected by sea routes. 

  • Viceory - Casey I
  • Chief Commissioner of Northern Joeson - 
  • Chief Commissioner of Southern Joeson -

The Province of Würtemburg

  • Viceory - John Scotsman 
  • Chief Commissioner of Stuttgart ~ Joseph Coalsmythe
  • Chief Commissioner of Freiburg ~

Information on the Swiss Empire

  • Capital - Bern
  • Population 21,750,000
  • Guild - Swiss Kingdom
  • Government Type - Constitutional Monarchy 
  • Motto - Svizzero di regola nei momenti di disperazione.
  • Monarch - King Yellowfish I 
  • Common Name - Swiss Empire 
  • Official Name - Empire of Switzerland 
  • State Religion - Roman Catholic
  • Armed Forces - 300,000

450px-France, 1740 - Copy222

Swiss Europe Map before the fall of the Caribbean


Swiss Asian Map

Social Class Hierarchy

  • Royalty & King
  • Ministry & Government
  • Lords
  • Soldiers
  • Merchants
  • Common Folk
  • Poor Class

Social Information

Social Information
Population 11,452,075
Ethinical Groups

55% Swiss

45% Other


Economy Information

  • Type - Mercantilism
  • Treasury - ₣7,000,000,
  • Gross Income (Daily) - £320,000


  • Gold
  • Jewelry 
  • Silk
  • Fish
  • Naval War Ships
  • Silver
  • Weaponry


  • Gold
  • Jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Ink

Economic Overview 

Subject Money (Gained or Lost)
Military Upkeep


Navy Upkeep (-)£50,000
Internal Affairs Upkeep




Invested Comapnies


Military Raids




Taxes (Taxing People)


Internal Economics 






Gross Income £320,000/per day


Political Parties

Monarchial Party

Party Leader

  • Samuel Darkwalker

Party Members

  • N/A

Constitutional Party

Party Leader

  • Sir Josef Grau

Party Members

  • N/A

The Swiss Military

Commissioned Officers


Explination of Commissioned Officers: 

A Commissioned Officer derives authority directly from a sovereign power and is charged with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position. Commissioned officers are typically the only persons, in an armed forces environment, able to act as the commanding officer of a military unit. Commissioned Officers are expected to attend a Military University and receive their commission upon graduation. 

Swiss Military Information

  • General of the Army - Chris Helmshot
  • Armed Forces - 300,000
  • Stations - Würtemburg, Swtizerland, Joseon

Commissioned Officers Ranks


Lieutenant General

Major General

Brigadier General


Lieutenant Colonel



First Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Officers


Explination of Non-Commissioned Officers: 

Where as Commissioned Officers take their authority from the Sovereign Power of their nation, Non-commissioned officers take their authority from the commanding officer of their unit. Their power and authority is limited only to other NCO's and lower ranking Infantry men. 

Non Commissioned Officers/Regular Infintry Ranks

Sergeant Major

First Sergeant

Master Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Staff Sergeant




Private First Class


The Swiss Navy


Swiss Naval Information

  • Admiral of the Navy - Casey Kroshbon I
  • Fleet Admiral - Thomas Shipmorgan
  • Station - Swiss Trade Routes, Switzerland, Joseon, Würtemburg

Royal Swiss Naval Ranks

Seaman Recruit


Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Master Cheif Petty Officer

Fleet Force Master Cheif Petty Officer



Lieutenant Commander



Rear Admiral

Vice Admiral


Fleet Admiral

Admiral of the Navy

The Swiss Trading Company


The Swiss Trading Company is the Konglomerate that supplies Switzerland with all it's goods and services. The Swiss Trading Company is the only company that is permitted to work within Swiss territory. Any other corporation working within Swiss Boundaries, that is not Inter-national, or has authorization, is subject to immediate shut down, or absorbation by the STC. The STC's Headquarters is in the Ministry of Finance located in Sion, Switzerland. District Headquarters can be found in Zürich, Bern, Delémont, and Chur. Other Sub-District Headquarters can be found in major cities like Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, and Winterthur.

Diplomatic Relations

212px-Screenshot 2013-12-26 20.15.57
The Diplomatic Relations of Switzerland are currently being controlled by the Minister of State.
Nation Ruler Relation
Kingdom of Spain Phillip V/Pearson Wright Neutral
Austrian Empire Maria Theresa/Hannah Bluefeather Allied, Trading
Great Britain George II/John Breasly Indifferent
Ottoman Empire Albert Spark/Mahmud I Friendly
Kingdom of Portugal John V Indifferent
Emirate of Arabia Sheikh Khalaf Indifferent
8th Brethren Court Pirate King Richard Cannonwalker Very Friendly, Allied
France  Louis XV/Jack Bluehawk Neutral
The Barbary Coast Johnny "Shark" Turner Very Friendly, Allied
Russia Jeremiah Garland Allied, Trading

Portraits of Members



130px-Wappen Bern matt.svg
<p style="border-bottom-width:0px;border-left-width:0px;font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit;margin-top:0.4em;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-left:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-bottom:0px;padding-left:0px;vertical-align:baseline;">The Province of Bern is the Capital province of Switzerland.

  • Governor/Duke - King Yellowfish I
  • Military Commander - Chris Helmshot
  • Secretary of Education -
  • Secretary of Services -

District of Zurich
130px-Wappen Zürich matt.svg

<p style="border-bottom-width:0px;border-left-width:0px;font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit;margin-top:0.4em;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-left:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-bottom:0px;padding-left:0px;vertical-align:baseline;">The province of Zurich is the most powerful canton.

  • Governor/Duke - open
  • Military Commander - open
  • Secretary of Education - open
  • Secretary of Services - open

District of Graubunden
130px-Wappen Graubünden matt.svg

The Province of Graubunden is the largest canton.

  • Governor/Duke - open
  • Military Comander - open
  • Secretary of Education - open
  • Secretary of Services - open

District of Jura
130px-Wappen Jura matt.svg

The province of Jura is one of the newest cantons.

  • Governor/Duke -
  • Military Comander -
  • Secretary of Education -
  • Secretary of Services -