Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeye of osiris

Our Official Brand. Every member must have this branded on their chests when joining!

Who are we?

We are an ancient secret society, founded by

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in Budapest, Hungary to keep the relations between pirates and anti-pirates not in a total no war situation, but if it gets too out of hand, these people will enter the scene, and quiet the battle, revolts, and such worldwide.



Once you are a specified rank, please cross only one of that rank to show that it is no longer available, do not delete it, but cross it over.

  1. Students
    1. Student 1/3
    2. Student 2/3
    3. Student 3/3
    4. Chum Kiu 1/2 (Dan Chi Sau)
    5. Chum Kiu 2/2 (Poon Sau)
    6. 1st CS 1/3
    7. 1st CS 2/3
    8. 1st CS 3/3
    9. Chi-Sau/Lat-Sau 1/4
    10. Chi-Sau/Lat-Sua 2/4
    11. Chi-Sau/Lat-Sau 3/4
    12. Chi-Sau/lat-Sua 4/4
  2. Teachers
    1. Primary Technician (Teacher)
    2. 2nd Technician (Teacher)
    3. 3rd Technician (Teacher)
    4. 4th Technician (Teacher)
  3. Masters
    1. 5th Practician (Master)
    2. 6th Practician (Master)
    3. 7th Practician (Master)
    4. 8th Pracitcian (Master)
  4. Grandmasters
    1. 9th Man Of Arrival (Grandmaster)
    2. 10th Master Of Comprehension (Grandmaster)
    3. 11th Master Of Almightiness (Grandmaster)
    4. 12th Sage Of Philosophy (Posthumous)


Jeremiah Stormwash ~ 12th Sage Of Philosophy

Captain Shadow Sail ~ 11th Master Of Almightiness

John Breasly ~ 10th Master Of Comprehension

Jack Swordmenace ~ 9th Man Of Arrival

Robert McRoberts ~ 8th Practician

Benjamin Macmorgan ~ 7th pracitcian


All members please put this userbox on you page.

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Conduct Of The Illuminati

  1. Never kill pirates!
  2. Always bless a person you are about to kill or who is about to die by saying "Requiescant In Pace", meaning "Rest In Peace", in Latin.
  3. Never lie to fellow members!
  4. Obey the Posmothous, unless his orders are against the conduct of the Illuminati.
  5. Never doubt the decision of your superiors.
  6. Do not betray us.
  7. Do not reveal the sanctum to non-members.

Current Events

Event Time Place Server Host Status
Winter Seminar 6:30 PM El Sudoron Waterfall Mosona Jeremiah Stormwash On Schedule
Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided
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